Michelle Phan’s Vietnam Travel Diary Is Amazing

by Rosie Narasaki

Your favorite beauty mogul has just launched the next phase of her bid for world domination — vis-a-vis a trip to Vietnam. Michelle Phan's Vietnam travel diary illustrates the YouTuber's trip to the motherland, in customary serenely-narrated (and adorably quirky) fashion — and you can watch a preview of the newest episode here.

The online series chronicles her travels through Vietnam — as Phan explained in the first episode of the travelogue, part of the reasoning behind the new travel series was to "bond with [her] motherland." She also noted that she is "so inspired with where she came from." The new episode has a fun vibe to it — watch a clip below, and you'll see Phan taste test five different Vietnamese fruits (to varying degrees of deliciousness).

Phan is producing the travel diary through ICON, a global beauty and lifestyle destination. First launched a little over a year ago, ICON is helmed by Phan, and features the work of many well-known vloggers, from celebrity makeup artist Jamie Greenberg, to fitness gurus like Cassey Ho. The site, which is based around empowering millenials, features various show, like Pretty Little Pranksters (a makeover show with a twist), Look #TBT (a show that traces trends back to their historical roots), and Everyday Luxe (a show about beauty culture — and luxury — around the globe). Phan's new travel diary will be the newest show to be added to the Internet star-studded roster.

Adorable, right? Watching Phan eat dragon-egg like fruit makes a nice callback to her iconic Daenerys Targaryen tutorial (which is as timely now as it was when it was first published three years ago, thanks to Dany's latest hijinks in Vaes Dothrak and beyond).

Game of Thrones references aside, It would certainly seem that Phan has been busy — in addition to her new series with ICON, she also runs beauty subscription juggernaut ipsy, and is currently working on rebranding her (kind of) namesake beauty brand, em cosmetics.

Lisa Lake/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

At any rate, it will be interesting to see what Phan's next move is — both in her Vietnamese travels and in her ridiculously successful business career.