Predicting The 'Bachelorette' Using Twitter

Everyone wants to know who will be the next Bachelorette because Juan Pablo Galavis' Bachelor season is basically dunzo. Someone is going to ditch him, someone is going to end up with him, and that someone will probably leave him two weeks after the show ends. The Bachelorette though, the possibilities are still open there. Because we know you're interested, we've done some intense scientific research and have found which remaining woman should be the next bachelorette based on their Twitter accounts. It might sound odd, but Twitter is very telling, especially when it comes to the accounts of Clare Crawley, Renee Oteri, Andi Dorfman, and Nikki Ferrell.

The Bachelor ended up with Juan Pablo Galavis because he was attractive, had an accent, and barely ever spoke on The Bachelorette. The show cannot repeat its mistakes. It has to dig deeper to find the perfect person and we're here to help. To the Twitter accounts!

Clare Crawley

Clare's Twitter is full of responses to other people mostly thanking them for supporting her on the show and for praying for her mother who was hospitalized earlier this month. Clare also often links to her Instagram account which consists of photos of her dog and sunsets. There are no hints about Clare becoming the next bachelorette and she doesn't seem to be in touch with the other women from the show. Doesn't look like it will be Clare. Maybe she wins The Bachelor? She and Juan Pablo did already survive their first fight and her background photo is of roses. Very suspicious.

Renee Oteri

Renee posts about The Bachelor quite often and, unlike Clare, tweets back and forth with the other women. She seems like she really enjoyed The Bachelor experience, but perhaps more because of the travel and activities than because of Juan Pablo. She says thinks like, "Aaaaaaand we're off to New Zealand!!! Time to start talkin' like a Kiwi:)" and posted a photo of her and Juan Pablo getting cold towels pressed on their necks during their super hot (temperature-wise) Vietnam date. She recently posted a photo of a Valentine's Day card from her son and what she was eating for breakfast. I think she's back to her normal life for good.

Nikki Ferrell

Nikki and Andi seem to be very good friends which makes me think neither of them ended up with JP — they wouldn't continue talking to each other, right?

Nikki also talks about shopping and losing candy. "Lost my brand new bag of Sour Patch Kids within an hour. Whyyyyyy #lifeiscruel." She responded to someone who wrote that she must be the winner because she put in her two weeks at the hospital job by saying, "@BrooooookeP Check your sources. I have NOT quit my job and I'm at my home here in KC. But good try." That might not mean anything or it might mean she's being super defensive because she's the next bachelorette!

Andi Dorfman

Andi is in touch with other contestants in particular Nikki who, judging by this photo, began her BFF4L.

Her Twitter profile reads, "Too busy loving life for hate, regret or fear." Now those sound like the words of someone who would leave a reality show only to return to its grip once more because YOLO. Also someone recently predicted she would be the next bachelorette saying,

Andi didn't confirm or deny this and said, "@BertShowBert haha are we finally getting you to come around to liking the show? Maybe? Even just a little?"

My guess is that Andi will be the next bachelorette. If not, she and Nikki will star in another spin-off called The Bachelorettes where they will both choose from the same group of men at the same time. Nikki will be bad cop, naturally. ABC can forward my check to my apartment and I'd like an executive producer credit.

Image: ABC