We Need More Fantasy Suite Details. Now.

On Monday night's Bachelor it wasn't a big shocker that Sharleen ended up leaving, but it was a moderately-sized shocker that another woman appeared to dump Juan Pablo Galavis in the preview for the next episode. The preview showed the hometown visits and the fantasy suite dates which will occur in the next two episodes. These will air on back-to-back nights Feb. 24th and 25th because the drama just can't wait! The fantasy suite dates are always a big deal — whether the contestants will very vaguely agree to have sex with the bachelor/bachelorette is on the line! — and this is no different in Juan Pablo's controversial season. "What happens on the fantasy suite date?!" is the question on everyone's lips because in the preview Andi says, "Waking up this morning I could not wait to get out of the fantasy suite." Whaaaat? What happened, Andi? We hypothesized about what the reason might be, but now it looks like Us Weekly has the answer.

According to an insider, one of the remaining women "sleeps with Juan Pablo" and "they stay up the rest of the night talking." At this point it sounds like the insider could be Juan Pablo, but they went on to say that Juan Pablo told the woman about his fantasy suite date with one of the other ladies. Ugh! That's so him.

Judging by the preview, it's a good guess that the woman is Andi because she is very clearly upset with him, but on the other hand, every single woman in the preview is crying so it could be anyone. The Us Weekly article goes on to say that Juan Pablo tells the woman she almost got sent home. Reportedly, Andi — I mean, "the woman," at some point tells Juan Pablo that "there's a difference between being honest and being an asshole." This sounds familiar if you saw Juan Pablo's quasi-fight with Clare. This guy really doesn't know how to not say stupid things.

Of course, the fact that all the women in the preview are crying means there could be problems with all of them. Maybe they're all going to end up ditching Juan Pablo. That would be unheard of and would be totally amazing. It's clear that Juan Pablo is there just to hook up with people and then sometimes remembers that he's supposed to be Bachelor-y. Basically, he's not there for the right reasons. Oh man, that phrase finally makes so much sense.

We'll have to wait for the episode to see what really happens that is going to "shock America," but it looks like there's a very good chance that at least one woman is going to leave and not because she doesn't get a rose.

Images: ABC