Why Aren't You Listening to this Pod?

Every Friday, Grantland posts a fresh Right Reasons podcast. I look forward to the reality TV pod every week. Last Friday, however, it never came. I checked the site at least 35 times. And 35 times in a row, I found no new pod. But there’s so much reality TV to talk about, I thought. How could this be? Well, hosts Juliet Litman and David Jacoby (aka, my imaginary BFFs) were in New Orleans for NBA All-Star Weekend, and that's why the pod was M.I.A. THANKS FOR NOTHING, BASKETBALL. (JK, I like basketball.) Fortunately, they picked things back up this week. Whew! Thank goodness, I thought. That could’ve been catastrophic. I NEED to hear their thoughts regarding The Real World pregnancy scare.

It’s 2014, so I’m going to assume the words “You gotta listen to this podcast!” have been tossed your way. You can’t escape the pod. You might even have “podcast recommendation fatigue.” I understand. There are a lot of pods to check out. Everyone wants everyone to check out their pod, their friend’s pod, a comedian’s pod, et cetera. Pods are wonderful, but the pod pool can seem overwhelming.But when I say "You gotta listen to The Right Reasons," I MEAN IT. If you aren't already a devoted listener, fix that. Fix that ASAP.

Here are five right reasons (sorry, not sorry) you should be listening to The Right Reasons:

They Truly Love Reality TV

Reality TV is one of my interests. Ask those closest to me what I care about the most, and they’ll say, “Dunkin Donuts, nail polish, and reality television.” I don’t like reality TV in an ironic, "looking down my nose" way. I really, really enjoy everything about it. I might be obsessed. A pod hosted by two people who have as strong of feelings about reality TV? Yes, please.

Litman and Jacoby really, really enjoy everything about reality TV. Or at least they seem to. There isn’t any eye-rolling, there isn’t any judgment. They appreciate the genre. And it's just the best.

They dive in and dissect the shows to an incredible degree.They share theories. They address rumors. They break down specific scenes. When Clare and Juan Pablo went swimming in the ocean? You bet Litman and Jacoby spent a significant (yet necessary) amount of time talking about it. They rule.

And They Love the Best Reality TV Shows

Litman and Jacoby’s current main discussion topics: The Bachelor, Vanderpump Rules, and The Real World Ex-Plosion. They do chat about other stuff, but lately, they’ve been focusing a majority of their energy on those three shows. No complaints here. Flawless list.

Also? They love Stassi Schroeder. BE STILL MY HEART.

They have perfect taste.

They Have a Delightful Rapport

The flow of Litman and Jacoby’s conversation is never not effortless. They're brilliant at the podcasting game. I've yet to hear an ep where either sounded "off" or disinterested. They're always in it to win it, and they consistently sound like they're having a blast.

Their observations and analysis are both insightful and hilarious, and they play off of one another so well. They're such wicked smart and funny individuals, and the pairing is unstoppable.

They also reenact scenes from The Bachelor on the reg, which is always a solid move. Even when they "argue," it's easy breezy. Because when they "argue," it's over things like whether or not Vanderpump Rules Season 2 is one of the greatest seasons of reality TV of all time. (Note: It is.)

Even If You Aren’t a Reality TV fan, You’ll have fun

Litman and Jacoby’s energy is contagious. Honestly, they could read the index of a AP world history textbook out loud, and it’d be entertaining.

Before I started watching The Bachelor, I would fast-forward through The Bachelor-y segments of The Right Reasons. I assumed I wouldn't be able to follow. But one day, I was too lazy to skip past The Bachelor part. And do you know what happened? I ate up every second. I didn't need to watch The Bachelor to laugh along with Litman and Jacoby. They're just so good.

After that particular episode was through, I realized I'd been cheating myself out of precious Right Reasons geniusness. I revisited old eps and listened to The Bachelor parts I'd previously skipped.

Lesson: You don't have to watch the shows to enjoy the pod. Yes, the shows provide context and background, but the pod is awesome regardless (thanks to the hosts).

There’s a Companion Column

If you read the weekly Grantland Reality TV Fantasy League column and you don’t listen to The Right Reasons, you’re doing yourself a disservice. The podcast and the column go hand in hand. Jacoby’s column digs into the topics he and Litman discuss on the pod, and vice versa.

And if you don’t read the GRTFL column, get on that immeds. So there you have it! Better your life with The Right Reasons. Right Reasons side effects include: Laughing out loud in public while listening on your headphones, wishing you are best friends with Jacoby and Litman, and caring even more about reality TV than you thought you ever could.

Image: Grantland/YouTube