Did Kylie & Kendall Write Their New Book?

by Caitlin White

Kylie and Kendall Jenner's first book may have been a critical flop, sending social hate the way of ghostwriter Maya Sloan, but never count out the ambition of the Kardashian klan. The upcoming sequel to their YA dystopian novel Rebels: City of Indra: The Story of Lex and Livia will be called Time of the Twins and will be released November 15 by Regan Arts. But after the ghostwriter drama of book one, many wants to know: did Kylie & Kendall write their new book this time around? Well... no. Co-ghostwriters Elizabeth Killmond-Roman and Katherine Killmond will pen the Jenners' YA novel. Here's hoping they learned some lessons from the first go-around.

If you missed Rebels: City of Indra: The Story of Lex and Livia and all of its titular colons, let me catch you up: Lex and Livia are twin sisters who grow up on the opposite sides of the spectrum. Lex grew up in an underground orphanage in Rock Bottom (no JKs, it's legit called Rock Bottom). Livia, on the other hand, grew up more like Kendall and Kylie, as a pampered heiress who longs to break free of her family's stifling sky island. Sky. Island. Now, in Time of the Twins the two girls just found out they are each other's twin, which is prohibited in Indra, and they must team up to escape. But, could Lex and Livia actually be the foretold twin saviors of Indra?

I have no spoilers, but of course they are, right?

"In our first book Rebels: City of Indra, we left Lex and Livia in a place where their future was uncertain," Kylie said in a statement. "Now, in Time of the Twins, you'll learn how these sisters struggle to get to know each other and deal with their fate."

After the swift and fierce backlash Sloan received when Rebels came out, who are these two women signing on to write the Jenner sister's second YA novel? Elizabeth Killmond-Roman is Kendall and Kylie's creative director (I now want my own creative director, pls). According to Sloan's interview with the L.A. Times, Killmond-Roman worked with the sisters on the outline for Rebels: City of Indra, which they then passed along to Sloan to build into the book. Katherine Killmond, according to her Regan Arts bio, is an award-winning television editor. She was not involved in Kylie and Kendall's first novel. Here's hoping they avoid the Internet bullying that plagued Sloan in the Jenner sisters' wake.