When Is The Razr Flip Phone Coming Out? Get Pumped, Kids Of The '90s

The hearts of all '90s kids briefly arrested this morning when Lenovo announced that they are releasing a new Razr flip phone, immediately conjuring up our T9 texting days of yore. If you're wondering when the Razr flip phone is coming out, we do have a clue, but just the one. In the promotional video announcing the return of the Razr, the company teased June 9, 2016 as the date that the phone will be available to the masses, which also happens to be the same day as the Lenovo Tech World conference. It's official, everybody: 2004 is happening all over again.

We have very little information to go on as to what exactly this phone is going to look like in the era of smart phones and tablets, but that hasn't stopped us all from getting embarrassingly hyped up about it. Guys, this is the first time we've been allowed to indulge in our nostalgia for something that coexisted with Kylie Jenner! This is a real milestone for the young Millennial set, particularly the ones who totally missed all the fun parts of the '90s! And yeah, maybe it's too soon, but LET US HAVE THIS, OK?

Here is the blast from the past that Motorola released to get us all back into the groove:

Motorola on YouTube

So pretty much the only thing we can bet on here is that whatever this new model looks like, it will definitely have the capacity to flip in some way. Which is very important to me, because I personally feel that there are significantly fewer opportunities for sass when you have to hit a button to hang up a phone as opposed to the very final, resolute, "yes I hung up on you Debra what now" click of your flip phone shutting off.

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Some people are theorizing that since the phone will have flipping capabilities, it might also include multiple screens. Imagine a phone you could open up like a vanity mirror — one panel has your Twitter feed, maybe the other has your texts, maybe the other is constantly in selfie mode because you're just doing you. The whole thing is shrouded in nostalgic mystery, though, so we're just going to have to cross our fingers and wait to find out.

Images: YouTube