Nick Benvenutti Is The Santa On 'The Bachelorette'

The limo exits for a new season of The Bachelorette are upon us and they are just as amazing as they were teased to be. JoJo stood outside of the Bachelor mansion in a sparkly gown (because that is a requirement) while an endless array of men made their best first impressions. Unfortunately, some dudes take this whole introduction thing to a place where it gets weird. Bachelorette contestant Nick Benvenutti took it to that place tonight. Saint Nick came out of the limo dressed in full Santa Claus gear, complete with a giant duffle bag and handed JoJo a gift. She played it off like she loved it but let's be real, Santa is not exactly sexy.

Yup, Nick's initial introduction was pretty cringe worthy. He made things even worse by constantly saying, "Jo Jo Jo." You know, instead of "ho ho ho." I literally can't. One thing is for sure, he made the rest of the guys feel pretty good about their own first impressions. Most of them reiterated that they fully support costumes and cheesy lines because it just makes them all look better. Unfortunately for them, it really only matters what JoJo thinks and she at least seems to somewhat appreciate the goofiness.

Nick went all out and I can't fault him for putting himself completely out there to be memorable. I just can't get past the idea that Santa is probably the least sexy thing in the galaxy. Maybe stay away from childhood symbols when trying to woo a complete stranger. Just my advice.

Images: ABC/Craig Sjodin