Forever 21 Ugly Hall of Shame: The 13 Weirdest Items Currently on Sale

Many of us shopped at Forever 21 long before we could legally drink, and will continue to do so well beyond. The fast-fashion chain is rife with hidden gems — like the perfect knock-off chambray button down that could easily pass for a Madewell in the right light. Flannels, body con dresses, and quirky socks are some of the best items Forever 21 has to offer. But isn’t it about time we paid homage to those back-of-the-rack rejects that (we hope) no one ever buys? Here are the most bizarre items on sale at Forever 21 this season. Click through at your own risk!

Brat Skater Dress

Nothing like declaring just how annoying you are in gold foil. Pom poms sold separately.


Boho Moment Slit Wide-Leg Pants

These resemble those flaps that come down and hit the windshield at the car wash.


Taken PJ Set

This #taken pajama set is several layers of creepy.


Elephant Frenzy Choker

A necklace of fake gold elephant heads. ‘Nuff said.


Free Spirit Weekender Dress

Pizza, love, boys, music, parties, dancing … whatever. What does it all mean? Let’s get existential on the front of a dress!


Ladylike Pencil Skirt

Ladylike? More like Lady of the Night.


Not Your Wifey Crop Top

Want to send a message? Wear it on your crop top! No one will dare to call you wifey.


Darling Denim Pinafore Dress

Forever 3.


Wild Thing Wedge Sneakers

Even Isabel Marant is over the wedge sneaker. That means you should definitely be over the wedge sneaker, especially the leopard print wedge sneaker.


Free Spirit Fringed Poncho

This poncho offers a nice, matronly alternative.


Eclectic Wide-Leg Pants

If an acid trip were to be immortalized on a piece of clothing, these pants would do the job nicely.


Bold Heel-Less Wedges

These space-age booties look like they belong in an installation at the MOMA. Perfect if channeling David Bowie.


Favorite Destroyed Boyfriend Jeans

You won’t worry about ripping these jeans, because they are already missing a huge chunk of the right knee/thigh. Think of it as denim insurance.