The New 'Finding Dory' Trailer Has A Familiar Tune

With not long to wait until the release of Finding Dory, which comes out on June 17, excitement for the long-awaited sequel is only growing. And, on Tuesday, the voice of everyone's favorite fish, Ellen DeGeneres, dropped the new Finding Dory trailer on her talk show, and it will give you all of the feels. In particular, it's the choice of music in the latest trailer that's so exciting, and that might provide an extra clue about what everyone can expect from the sequel. So what's the song in the Finding Dory trailer, and why do I feel as though I've heard it a million times before?

Fifty seconds into the new Finding Dory trailer, a very recognizable song starts playing. It sounds so familiar because the song has been used in numerous movie trailers and on film soundtracks since it was first released in 1977. The song is called "Solsbury Hill." It's written and performed by British rock musician Peter Gabriel, who was once the lead singer of the rock band Genesis, that's since been fronted by Lily Collins's dad, Phil Collins. So is there any significance to the song being used in the new Finding Dory trailer?

We already know that Finding Dory is about Dory's quest to find her family. Needless to say, it's going to be an incredibly emotional movie. While "Solsbury Hill" sounds like an uplifting track, and has been used in episodes of Party Of Five, and on the Vanilla Sky soundtrack, the song's lyrics seem to correlate with the plot of the Finding Nemo sequel. Peter Gabriel has said the "Solsbury Hill" is about letting go, and the latest Pixar trailer features several moments that hint at sadness. Will Dory find her family? Will she remember what she needs to?

The most famous line in "Solsbury Hill" is when Gabriel sings, "Grab your things, I've come to take you home," which is featured in the trailer. This sentence feels like the perfect fit for the next step of Dory's journey in Finding Dory. Nemo's bestie is determined to find the place that she's come from, and to better understand where her home is, and who her family are. Dory is ready to discover where her home is, and she needs a little help to get there.

Watch the new Finding Dory trailer above, and get excited.

Image: TheEllenShow/YouTube