If Men Could Get Pregnant, This Is What The World Would Be Like — VIDEO

A new video from BuzzFeed asks, “What would happen if men could get pregnant?” Would pregnancy be totally different? Would Junior-esque hilarity ensue? Would civilization fall into complete chaos? Who knows? (Actually, I should point out — as a number of commenters already have — that some men can get pregnant, and do.) In the video, which appears to be partially based on this post, Joey Richter (whom you may recognize from Team StarKid) plays the pregnant dude in question. If his portrayal is anything to go by, male pregnancy wouldn’t be all that different from lady pregnancy — there would just be a lot more bros and video games, and a lot less talking.

For example, the video’s pregnant protagonist forgoes an elaborate birth announcement. No clever “bun in the oven” puns or adorable photo shoots for this guy. Instead, he shoots off a succinct email: “Hey. I’m pregnant. ETA — April.” Can’t you just feel the excitement? (His friend responds with an equally sentimental “Cool bro. Congrats.”)

His picks for baby names are also atypical — but, of course, unusual baby names are totally in right now, so maybe he’s just being on trend. He proposes “Steph” as a boy’s name (after Steph Curry, the Golden State Warriors’ point guard, obviously). And if it’s a girl? “Probably… Rambo.” (Is it weird that I think the idea of a little girl named “Rambo” running around is sort of awesome?)

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BuzzFeed suggests that baby showers would also be totally different if men were the focus.

Instead of playing shower games and offering advice about labor and parenting, the dude-shower would mostly involve guys sitting around playing video games. With Grand Theft Auto-themed cupcakes, because of course.

Check out the whole video above.

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