Are Aria & Ezra Getting Married In 'PLL' Season 7?

by Amy Mackelden

With Season 7 of Pretty Little Liars starting on June 21, fans are getting excited about what happens in the next, and possibly final, chapter of Rosewood's girl gang. Showrunner I. Marlene King has been fanning the embers of fan excitement by tweeting that "There will be a #PLLWedding in Season 7." Understandably, the internet has been speculating ever since about whose wedding that will be. While there are theories for just about every ship in the PLL universe, Ezra and Aria are looking like the couple most likely to walk down the aisle, and not just because they're my personal favorite. Lucy Hale made some not-so-cryptic comments at the Billboard Awards 2016 on Sunday, that closely correspond to I. Marlene King's tweets about the show. Are Aria and Ezra getting married in Season 7 of Pretty Little Liars ?

In the red carpet interview, Hale discussed Season 7 being the end of Pretty Little Liars, and said, "The writers are bringing their game, and we’re trying to do our best — and I can say that something very special and romantic happens for my character." While the actor doesn't specifically say that her character will be getting married, there could be more going on here than just what meets the eye.

In her tweets, I. Marlene King described the new season of Pretty Little Liars as the "#MostRomanticSeasonEver." She also teased fans by asking "Have you heard the wedding rumors?," leaving no doubt in anyone's mind that there will be a major wedding on Season 7 of the show. King has always been a huge supporter of Ezra and Aria's relationship, even in the face of criticism regarding the age gap, and the fact that the couple started out as teacher and student. King famously called the pair "soulmates", so it seems unlikely that the series would end without Ezra and Aria back together.

While Hale's claim that "something very special and romantic happens for my character" doesn't automatically mean that Aria is getting married, when coupled with King's tweets about there being "a #PLLWedding," and that Season 7 is the "#MostRomanticSeasonEver," it certainly looks more plausible. After all, what else could happen to Hale's character that would be special and romantic? An engagement and subsequent wedding to Ezra seems like just the ticket. Thank goodness that June 21 isn't that far away, and we'll be a little bit closer to finding out which PLL couple is getting hitched.

Images: Freeform