Ezra & Aria Need To Be Endgame On 'PLL'

by Amy Mackelden

Having successfully written a book together, even if it was about Ezra's kidnapped, and presumed dead, girlfriend, Ezra and Aria reunited in the Season 6 finale of Pretty Little Liars in the best way. While the couple's chemistry has been undeniable every time they've been onscreen together, the finale gave the characters a chance to reconnect. First Aria comforted Ezra as he finally came to terms with his loss of Nicole, and then later, upon hearing their book was well-received, Aria and Ezra ending up kissing. And then they did a lot more than kissing. So what does this mean for Ezria fans? Will Ezra and Aria stay together in Season 7?

I. Marlene King has been very talkative on Twitter following the Season 6 finale. When a fan tweeted King that he loved seeing Ezra and Aria happy and in love, she replied, "I'm an Ezria fan too!" The fact that the Pretty Little Liars show runner wants the couple to be together is a very good sign for the future of Aria and Ezra, isn't it? The relationship between Aria and Ezra has never been simple, but their chemistry has always been downright unreal — and I need to see more of it going forward.

Obviously, their first major problem arose when it turned out that Ezra was Aria's high school English teacher. When Aria found out that Ezra had been writing a book about Alison's disappearance the entire time they'd known each other, she felt betrayed and didn't think she'd ever trust him again. But, when the show flashed forward in Season 6, it was clear that Ezra and Aria still had a strong connection. Aria may have been with new boyfriend Liam, and Ezra in mourning for disappeared girlfriend Nicole, but, when the pair began writing a book together, it was only a matter of time before they hooked up. All these years later the two exes still have the best chemistry, and are drawn to each other like magnets.

In the Season 6 finale, Ezra and Aria had sex, even though Aria is still technically dating Liam. The episode really made it seem as if the couple were getting back together, or at least heading that way. As Season 7 might mark the end of Pretty Little Liars, it feels like the right time for Ezra and Aria to get back together for good. Though, knowing Ezria, any relationship they have is sure to be far from simple.

One of my biggest predictions for Season 7 is that Ezra's missing girlfriend Nicole will return to the show. Having written a book about her, and mourning her disappearance, it seems like that Nicole could be found in Season 7. With Aria's new boyfriend Liam still on the scene, Aria is going to have some tough decisions to make too. There could be a bit of a love square on the horizon.

Since I. Marlene King once called Ezria "soulmates", I'm pretty sure they'll find their way back to each other eventually. In an Entertainment Tonight exclusive, King said, "Even when they're not together, they're soulmates. And sometimes it's hard for the audience to understand because they want them to be together all the time." If Season 7 really is the final season of Pretty Little Liars , things could start moving pretty quickly for the potentially-back-together couple. Please let there be an Ezria wedding, I. Marlene King. Pretty please?

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