'Rosewood' Can't Be Back Soon Enough

by Kayla Hawkins

Another year of TV is coming to an end, and that means that once the season finales air, you'll have to say a temporary goodbye to most of your favorite characters. Rosewood, Fox's Morris Chestnut-starring drama, is reaching its first season conclusion on May 25, and fans are already gearing up for the series' upcoming hiatus. Thankfully, though, it won't be too long a break, as Rosewood Season 2 will premiere in fall 2016. The actual release date hasn't been announced just yet, but Fox has confirmed that the series will be back for Season 2 later this year (probably in late September, since that's when Rosewood Season 1 premiered), so fans will hopefully not have to wait more than a couple of months for the show's return.

And anyway, there's nothing wrong with letting a hiatus of a few months get you excited for new episodes. Season 2 of Rosewood should be full of exciting moments, but if you're a bit impatient for its return, why not check out some of the other great medical shows these days? After all, Rosewood is just the latest example of the successful formula of pairing good looking actors with highly technical medical arcana. So, while the show is on hiatus, catch up with some of the other famous TV docs out there right now.

Royal Pains

This USA series kind of slipped under the radar, overshadowed by the era of Breaking Bad and Mad Men, non-procedural work dramas. But the show's old-school approach to storytelling paired with its location in the Hamptons actually makes for some addictive viewing.

Children's Hospital

If you've seen so many medical shows that you can predict exactly what's going to happen before it does, you will be laughing hysterically at every second of this anarchic spoof of the genre, which, sadly, finished its run on April 15.

Chicago Med

One of the many Chicago shows that can currently be found on NBC, Chicago Med is a spinoff about the medical professionals who work alongside the characters from Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D.

Code Black

Less heartwarming and more heart-pounding, Code Black is about possibly the most stressful place in a hospital: the emergency room. And this show gets even gorier than the classic emergency room series, E.R.

The Knick

But no show can beat The Knick when it comes to gore. This show doesn't take it easy on modern audiences, leaning into the medical procedures of the 20th century.

Grey's Anatomy

Nothing's more reliable than ol' Grey's to make you tear up by the end of the episode. Half soap and half medical mystery, there's not a single TV fan who hasn't heard of Shonda Rhimes' breakout hit. If you love it, why not go for a marathon of one of the earlier seasons? And if you've never seen it, prepare to fall in love, then have your heart broken roughly one million times.

Whatever TV medical drama is your comfort food of choice, there are plenty of options to keep you busy all summer until Rosewood Season 2 premieres this fall.

Image: Adam Taylor/FOX; Giphy (6)