Another Olympic Ring Fail at Sochi

by Sarah Hedgecock

There's a lot to discuss about how well Sochi pulled off its first Olympic hosting gig. But there's one thing no one can deny: at least they have a sense of humor. There was another Olympic ring fail during the Sochi Closing Ceremonies – but this time, it failed on purpose.

During the 2014 Olympic closing ceremony, produced by choreographer Daniele Finzi Pasca, a boat bearing the child stars of the opening ceremony flew into the air above the audience as dancers clad in glittering robes swarmed the floor. (Trust us, it made sense at the time.) The dancers made the shapes of waves, spirals, yin-yangs, and even an infinity symbol as the boat drifted through the twinkling lights above the stadium. A very serene, serious end to a major sporting event.

And then the rings happened. In a nod to the opening ceremony, the dancers formed four Olympic rings... and a glittering blob. But the Olympic committee was not about to repeat such an embarrassing historical footnote. This time, after a few long, tense moments (are the dancers stuck? did they forget their choreography?), relief came when the blob expanded into a fifth ring, completing the set and giving viewers around the world a good chuckle.

Said Pasca to CBC before the ceremony,

The closing ceremony should be imbued with an optimistic wistfulness, I would say, because this is the end of a great process. This is when your Olympic Games becomes part of history. Some people have triumphed. Some people have been defeated. Nevertheless they all feel as one.