Read As Many Comic Books As You Want Every Month

by Emma Oulton

ComiXology, Amazon's comic book service, is bringing unlimited comics to readers: Comixology Unlimited allows readers in the U.S. to consume as many comic books as they want for $5.99 a month. You can read the comics on the web or through Comixology's mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Amazon Fire Tablet.

The CEO of the comic book subscription service, David Steinberger, told Entertainment Weekly that their "mission is to make everyone on the planet a comics fan," which he believes is "a lot easier if people have a very low risk opportunity to discover comics for themselves and just really take their time with the catalogue." So if you're a total comic book novice, this subscription might be right up your alley: you can explore thousands of digital comic books at your own pace.

The comic book catalogue will be regularly updated with comic books from independent publishers, so there's no risk of running out of new titles to read. You won't, however, find titles from Marvel (which has its own subscription service) and DC. Additionally, the comics won't be full series runs, just selections.

If you don't know where to start, the Comixology homepage offers recommendations, editorial guides and search filters to help you narrow down your perfect book. Oh yeah, and the first 30 days are totally free — so what are you waiting for?