What Kind Of Career Change You Should Make, According To Your Zodiac Sign

People who have jobs love to give advice to other people about the jobscape ... probably because it can be so hard to find one you like, get it, and keep it that if you've done all three, you feel like a wealth of wisdom that people should be honored to dip their toes into. But you can't give people advice on their careers as if they're all the same, because they're not. And more importantly, we're not all the same.

So what applies to one person and one career might not apply to another. If you're feeling like you might need to make a drastic change in your professional life, you should focus on advice catered to people like you. The best way I can think of to tailor this advice is to look at it based on your zodiac sign.

If you believe in astrology and the practice of using your sign as a guide, it can be helpful to learn more about it. And, if you want something to work out and believe that it will, it probably will. So, if you're super into the zodiac, knowing what careers people with your sign enjoy best might be all the proof and pudding you need to take a step to changing your life for the better.


Geminis thrive in fast-paced environments where they're in charge of sharing information and fostering relationships. Because of this, a career in teaching, PR, or communications will make you feel the most utilized and energized.



Leos are not cowardly lions; they're fierce, show-stopping lions. If you've always wanted to pursue a career in the arts or politics, it might be time to take that risk and go for it. You love to be the center of attention, you're a natural born leader, and you feel best when you're performing.


Virgos have a natural knack for details and perfectionism. Not a bad quality to have, unless you're working in a field that's chaotic and disorganized. If you're looking for something that might suit you better and make use of your keen eye for detail, a job in editing, accounting, research, or even detective work might better suit your skill set.



Cancers are leaders with a natural born sense of responsibility and care. If you haven't tried working in a job that's interaction-heavy like social work, childcare, education, or psychology, you might want to give it a try. It might be just the right amount of humanity you need in your professional life.


Scorpios are intense, controlled, and competitive. They love being involved in work that's top secret, important, or influential. If you have the means, medical school, law school, or the CIA might be the best places to find your inner secret agent or technical master.



Libras love balance, and they need it professionally in order to feel most comfortable. If you feel off-balance, a job that mixes both communication and relationships with business might be best for you. Think: hospitality, event planning, executive assisting, or law.


Capricorns are serious workers. They like to go by the rules and excel the hard way. They thrive in highly corporate environments with strict rules and lots of competition. Think: engineer, project manager, executive leader, or design.



The Aquarius is a free spirit. They do not thrive in the corporate world. They work best when they're their own bosses. If you're struggling in your cubical to find happiness, try creating a job for yourself where you're an independent contractor. Whether it's the arts, or just the same industry but freelance, try to get away from the office if it stifles you.



Sagittariuses are people pleasers, but they don't do it to suck up, they just feel their best when they're helping others and making other people happy. They also have a huge appetite for adventure. If you're not feeling satisfied in your job, you might want to find a way to marry your love for travel and helpfulness and work for a non-profit abroad or a travel agency.


Pisces love to help people, too, but they also like to work really hard. They totally buy into the spiritual world which tends to make them more optimistic. If you haven't tried a career working with people one-on-one, it's definitely something you should try. Think: therapy, healthcare, social work, education.



Aries have a lot of big ideas and a thirst for power, but they also tend to lose focus easily. If you feel like you have a lot to offer, but too many of your ideas or passions get left behind because your attention moves to something else before you have time to execute anything, you might want to think about joining a team. Whether it's an advertisement team, a sports team, or a corporate team leader, the help from the group will make your ideas last longer.


Tauruses are seriously hard workers with incredible work ethic and commitment. They can excel in stressful environments like the food industry, hospitality, and even banking and finance. If you're not feeling challenged, you might be able to take on a higher energy job. It might be just what you need.

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