The Best Jobs For Your Zodiac Sign

The Internet really loves to tell people what to do with their lives. So it shouldn't be much of a surprise that someone has done the legwork involved in letting us know what jobs we should have based on our zodiac signs. Have you been feeling kind of blah at work? Well, maybe this infographic is the key you've been looking for in order to kick off a fruitful and fulfilling career switch. Or, y'know, maybe not. Mostly, it's just a fun little diversion. But hey, Neptune just turned retrograde, so we may as well make the most of it, right?

Do I believe in astrology? Not really. I do, however, find it interesting that a number of recent studies have found evidence supporting the idea that the time of year in which we're born might affect certain aspects of our personalities and health. The month of your birth, for example, correlates to how prone you might be to developing certain types of diseases. The season in which you're born might have something to do with your general mood or demeanor. And birth month might even be linked to certain personality traits. It's always worth remembering that correlation isn't causation, and more research is needed before we can draw stronger conclusions about all of these studies. But it's still kind of cool. Although our fates may not be written in the stars, it's possible that when we're born might play into who we become.

Of course, the big question is really whether this “best jobs for your sign” thing is accurate. I can't speak for anyone else, but — somewhat surprisingly — the infographic's contents actually aren't too far off the mark for me. I'm a Pisces, and although I've never thought of myself as quite as “dreamy” or “ethereal” as we're somehow “supposed” to be, my primary interests have always been in creative fields. According to the infographic, the intuitive qualities that are supposedly inherent to Pisces make us good for careers that involve compassion, like nursing, physical therapy, and veterinary medicine. I'm none of those things, but we're also often given the general title of “artist.” Given that my professional life has been spent either in the theatre or behind a computer keyboard ... well, it kind of adds up. Weird.

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Check out the full infographic below. But again, I'd be careful about making any drastic life decisions based on it. An infographic can only tell you so much about yourself.

Images: JimmyMac2010/Flickr; Crystal Heart Psychics