This Is Why Reading Makes You A Better Person

by Emma Oulton
Mary Turner/Getty Images News/Getty Images

It will come as no surprise to hardcore book-lovers to hear that reading makes you a better person — but it feels great actually to have it in writing. Raphael Lysander, a writer and graphic designer from the blog The Metamorphosis Journal has created the most beautiful infographic to demonstrate exactly why reading is so great — and I fully intend to hang it on the wall in my library (*cough* the messy corner of my bedroom where all my hundreds of books are piled). The infographic is laid out like a beautifully illustrated book with five chapters and an epilogue, so it will look right at home.

It's been said before that reading makes you more empathetic, but did you know that it also increases your earning potential? And I definitely knew it was relaxing — but I would never have guessed that it reduces stress four times as effectively as going for a walk, and twice as effectively as having a cup of tea. It's even more stress-relieving than listening to music, which anyone who has a "rainy day jazz" video bookmarked on their computer will know is a big deal.

At the end of the infographic, Lysander has included some gorgeous quotes about reading, which will have all book-addicts nodding their heads in smug agreement. Check out the beautiful artwork right here:

With all of that evidence, I think it's now official: reading makes you better in so many ways. It's like going to work, studying, working out, and hanging out with your friends all at once. Does this mean I can throw out that gym subscription I never got round to using...?

Image: Mary Turner/Getty Images