What Your TBR List Says About Your Personality

by Alex Weiss

As a proud book nerd, without a doubt you have an on-growing TBR pile of books. While I was in college, my list of TBR books stacked so high that I'd spend all summer attempting to tackle a section of them, and honestly, I still have quite a few I've been meaning to get to. Depending on what your TBR pile looks like, you'd be surprised about how much it mirrors your personality. After all, the books you read (or want to read) are often a reflection of you and your interests.

I'm pretty stoked about the fact that we live in a time where new and amazing books are constantly being published, winning awards, and becoming major motion pictures to satisfy our imaginations. Whether it's the next-big-thing in YA literature or a life-changing memoir, you've got plenty of picks to stack on top of your growing list.

Maybe you're the type of reader who tries to keep up with all the hype and anticipation surrounding a new book, or you're focused on going back in time and reliving the classics. Either way, your TBR pile says a lot about you, and if you're curious about what yours says about you, look no further:

1. Your TBR Is... Filled With Award-Winning And Highly Anticipated Books

You're the sort of person who is a better news source than most media websites and evening news programs. Your friends can always count on you to have your facts straight because you love knowing what's going on in the world. You also like to keep yourself busy, so to be stuck with a book, movie, or even a television show that doesn't spike your interest just isn't worth it. You may have high expectations, but because of that, you live your best life and motivate the people around you to do the same.

2. Your TBR Is... Stacked With Classics You've Been Meaning To Get To

If your TBR pile is filled with authors like Jane Austen, Mark Twain, Margaret Atwood, Charlotte Bronte, and Charles Dickens, odds are you've been meaning to get to these books ever since you ignored them in high school. You aren't the type of person who follows trends religiously, but rather, you follow your own path. You're a great listener and always give people a second chance which has always made you the peace-keeper in your friend group.

3. Your TBR Is... Nearly All Of The Books Are Recommended By Close Friends And Family

You adore getting recommendations for food, entertainment, and life advice because you're a bit of an indecisive person. But since you can never seem to make up your mind, you're always pleasantly surprised when your mom hands you her new favorite book, or your little sister gives you the hint to watch this brand new Netflix hit no one knows about yet. You like to keep your options open, and there's certainly nothing wrong with that. Above all, you have people in your life (yourself included) that you can count on.

4. Your TBR Is... Packed With Books That Are Being Adapted Into Movies This Year

You know the book is always better than the film, but that doesn't mean you don't appreciate it. You are a book and movie lover, and frankly, there's nothing more exciting for you than counting down the days to a big movie release, or a concert, or even a local town event. You're a planner, and whether you have a bunch of things to do at work, home, or while you're out and about, you're always prepared.

5. Your TBR Is... A Wild Assortment Of Genres

While this makes up a big majority of TBR piles, if yours is always a constant mix of sci-fi, fantasy, literary, romance, memoirs, and more, it's fair to assume you live your life by constantly mixing things up. You don't like to keep to one straight line, but instead veer off in all sorts of directions. You are easily bored with the same old, same old, so you're often the adventurous eater, traveler, and thinker.

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