Photos Of The 'Real Housewives Of New York City' Cast As Kids Are Adorable & Drama-Free

I'm not going to lie, when the Real Housewives of New York City cast is mentioned, one of the first words that comes to mind is "drama." So it's hard for me to imagine any of them being young and carefree children. It's just hard for me to picture them as little kids sipping on juice boxes instead of Pinot Grigio and Skinnygirl margaritas. But, believe it or not, these women once were babies like everyone else, and the photos of the Real Housewives of New York ladies as little kids below prove it. Plus, they give us fans a look at what they all used to look like.

I feel like the RHONY ladies are always glammed up with stylish outfits and full faces of makeup. Even during the more casual and candid scenes of the show, they still look very much put together and ready to film. So I would just love to see what trends they were rocking back in the day and find out what everyone's natural hair color actually is.

Here are pictures of the entire current case before they were the women we know and love today. Thankfully for us, reality TV stars always love posting a throwback pic or two.

Bethenny Frankel

Baby Bethenny is beyond adorable in this photo of her playing in the water. I also feel like laying on this raft as a baby was probably the last time that Bethenny took some time to relax.

Dorinda Medley

I know this one is not exactly a baby photo, but a high school student is also very far from being an adult. It's just really throwing me off to see Dorinda with long hair. I just felt like Dorinda was rocking that Princess Diana look forever.

Luann de Lesseps

That baby is far from being "uncool." Little Luann is pulling off the bangs and looks super adorable.

Carole Radziwill

It's honestly a little difficult to picture Carole not being an adult, so it's nice to see a throwback pic of baby Radzi.

Jules Wainstein

Little Jules is really gripping on to that lunchbox. Nowadays, she's gripping onto designer purses. Nevertheless, she looked mad cute in this old photo.

Sonja Morgan

How cute does baby Sonja look with these pin curls? She had the biggest smile on her face and that's something that has never changed.

Ramona Singer

This is far from a baby photo, but it is the youngest picture I can find of Ramona on her Instagram. Ramona looks great (as per usual), but it would be great to see a photo of her from when she was growing up.

It's pretty wild to see the RHONY ladies when they were little. No matter what fashion and hair trends the ladies rocked, they all slayed it just like they do today.