Weekend Update Has Gone Daily

As NBC has proven, Jimmy Fallon isn't the only Saturday Night Live alumni to be offered a new Late Night talk show. Forty year old Seth Meyers, of Weekend Update SNL skit fame, and even more notably a head writer for much of his time on the long running sketch comedy show, has his own late night hosting gig. Meyers was hesitant of the opportunity, stating that he was afraid work after a high excitement and entertaining show like SNL would fall flat. He explained further, saying, "I was always worried that SNL was the most interesting and exciting job you could possibly have. And this seemed to be the one that might not be boring." Hosting your own self-titled talk show? Yeah, we don't think so either, Seth.

The Weekend Update anchor wants to make sure that he adds his own flavor to the already set in place formula for a late night show. He thinks that because his 12:37am slot, he'll be able to have more freedom and be able to try and make things his own. He can't wait to interview not only celebrities but politicians as well. Meyers stated that he is looking forward to the opportunity to be able to show off his staff's talent not only as writers but as performers as well, considering that he too comes from the same type of background.

Meyer's co-workers have the utmost faith in his talk show host potential. Amy Poehler sang his praises and declared that he is, "the best combination of precise and loose. He knows what he is good at and likes to bring good things out in other people." Lorne Michaels, SNL's creator doesn't doubt Meyer's abilities, he's just sad to see him go. Highlighting Meyer's talents, Michaels asserts just what a loss this means to his show, "The only one who was ambivalent was me. I was losing my (SNL) head writer, and the guy was brilliant on Weekend Update." Touche, Mr. Michaels. Honestly, we're just glad to see Meyers be able to stretch both his acting and performing prowess.