Hillary Clinton Talked To Ellen About Her VP Picks

She hasn't officially won her party's nomination for president yet, let alone the general election, but speculation about Hillary Clinton's potential running mate has grown louder over the past couple weeks as the primary process approaches its close. Names like Mark Cuban and Elizabeth Warren have popped up, but according to her latest interview, the former secretary of state won't be picking either of them. On Wednesday, May 25, Clinton spoke about her vice presidential choice to the one and only Ellen DeGeneres.

In a regular Ellen segment called "Who'd You Rather," Clinton was given a choice between two potential veeps. Of course, she didn't ultimately reveal whom she'd choose as her running mate, but she may have implied who definitely wouldn't make the short list. Namely, it's not looking good for Clinton's current rival, Bernie Sanders, or Kanye West.

"This is very helpful," Clinton told DeGeneres. In the first round, she chose Joe Biden over Shark Tank's Cuban, but in the second round, she ditched Biden for Scandal's Tony Goldwyn. She also picked the TV president over Sanders and West, but she then had trouble deciding between George Clooney and Leonardo DiCaprio — an understandable dilemma.

Ultimately, Clinton seemed most interested in First Lady Michelle Obama, Beyonce, and, of course, DeGeneres. As popular as they might be, it seems like we'll all have to wait at least a little longer to find out Clinton's actual choice. DeGeneres didn't ask her to rule out many of those on her suspected shortlist, such as Warren or Julian Castro.

Clinton's latest trip to the Ellen studio also included a question-and-answer session on Facebook Live, in which Clinton promised to bring the show to the White House for an episode if she's elected. She also admitted that she has seen parts of Lemonade, "and I do like it." On a more serious note, Clinton added elephant protection to her list of priorities after calling the gentle giants her spirit animals.

Clinton has become somewhat of a regular on Ellen, appearing on the show repeatedly throughout her campaign. It's no secret that the talk show host supports her, and so if anyone actually does know Clinton's preferences for veep, there's a good chance it's DeGeneres. There's no telling when Clinton will announce her pick, but it's probably a safe bet that she'll wait until she has the Democratic nomination officially locked up.