Photos Of T.I. Concert Shooting Are Disturbing

New York City concertgoers were put in danger when there was a shooting at a T.I. concert in Manhattan on Wednesday, May 25. The unknown assailant opened fire at Irving Plaza, a music hall in NYC, wounding three people and killing one. Whenever news breaks of a public shooting, whether an act of terrorism or an isolated incident, the reports are frightening and it's difficult to imagine what it's like for those at the scene of the crime. These photos of the T.I. concert shooting are disturbing and they give a glimpse into the frightening moment concertgoers heard gun shots.

Although the shooter and his/her motive remain unknown, the experience was undoubtedly a terrible one for everyone in attendance. Irving Plaza can hold 1,025 people and some of the photos from the concert show a packed venue. What's more, there are three levels to this music hall, which means people were occupying space on every level of the concert venue. Deputy Commissioner Steven Davis told PIX11 News that one of the victims was critically shot on the second floor of Irving Plaza; all in all, three of the victims were shot inside and one was shot outside.

These photos and videos from the T.I. concert shooting in Manhattan are chilling.

The above video, posted by someone who was at the concert, details the exact moment at which the shooter opened fire in the concert venue. You can see attendees running away from the main floor in front of the stage and hear yelling from the crowd.

NYPD quickly fled the scene and blocked off the area surrounding the concert hall. Ambulances arrived as concertgoers spilled out of the venue onto the streets.

Victims were carried out of the venue by stretchers. Others were examined by NYPD and EMT staff as they made their way out of the building.

One of the victims had to use an oxygen mask while on the stretcher. Flashing lights from police cars and ambulances lit up the area surrounding Irving Plaza as NYPD and EMT staff attended to victims.

Concertgoers spilled out of Irving Plaza nearly two hours after the 10:15 p.m. ET shooting. Troves of people made their way out to the streets after an unknown shooter opened fire inside the venue.

NYPD searched the empty concert venue once all the attendees were safely outside. The large music hall looks eery with no concertgoers inside.

As of 1:50 a.m. ET, a shooter had not been identified nor arrested. The NYPD continued their search for evidence and a suspect outside the venue with flashlights.