11 Things About 'Sandlot' You Probably Didn't Get

Whether you were a big baseball fan or not, if you grew up in the '90s, The Sandlot was most likely one of your favorite childhood films. Despite the movie eventually turning into a classic in the Gallagher household, there are inevitably some things you missed when you first watched The Sandlot. The 1993 "kids" movie (my parents were into it, too), set in the '60s was the perfect summertime flick about being the new kid, friendship, playing outside, and — of course — baseball. Not to mention, the perils of believing stories you hear about a junkyard dog.

As a young girl in the '90s, I learned so many things from The Sandlot. Just like Smalls, I didn't know who Baby Ruth was (cool your jets, I know it's Babe) or really all that much about baseball. Baseball was The Sandlot kids' religion, and they converted me to the sport like they had converted Smalls — even if I still never excelled or really enjoyed playing the game. Liking The Sandlot gave you instant street cred as a kid, and it was hard not to want your own Sandlot gang.

The Sandlot was a lesson in baseball and life in the 1960s, and so here are 11 things you most likely didn't notice when you first watched the family-friendly baseball movie.

1. What A "Pickle" Was

Adult Smalls called their impending dilemma of losing Smalls' stepdad's autographed Babe Ruth baseball a "pickle" multiple times in his narration, and I vividly remember asking my mom why he kept referring to my favorite sandwich side.

2. That Denis Leary Was In It

I still can't believe the smart-ass actor and comedian played Smalls' dad, I mean — Bill. Er, I mean Dad.

3. And That Smalls' Mom Was From Indiana Jones

I hadn't seen Raiders of the Lost Ark when I first saw The Sandlot, so Karen Allen was always Smalls' mom to me before she was Indiana Jones' love interest.

4. That People Used Raw Meat On Black Eyes In The '60s

By the '90s, the world was more wary of food-borne illnesses.

5. All Of Babe Ruth's Nicknames

From the Great Bambino, the Sultan of Swat, the Titan of Terror, the Colossus of Clout, and the King of Crash, I was just as lost as Smalls was on the many titles of Babe Ruth. At least I had the excuse of it being the '90s.

6. What Exactly L7 Weenie Meant

I mean, I got that it meant loser, but can I be real for a minute and admit that I still don't completely get the meaning behind Squints' hand motions?

7. What A S'more Was

As an avid campground goer and a member of the Girl Scouts, I knew what a s'more was, but in case you didn't — like Smalls — then Ham was there to help you out.

8. The Severe Lack Of Decent Plots For Women

Even as a young girl, the Wendy Peffercorn and Squints story line made me a little uncomfortable — although I think I wanted my first kiss to be to "This Magic Moment." But I didn't even realize how messed up it was that the boys went "scamming for pool honeys." And let's not forget the ultimate insult of, "You play ball like a girl." Just some good old fashioned 1960s sexism for you.

9. The Inside Joke Of "Tequila"

What better song to play when kids are puking at the amusement park? Little did I know back then the perils of chewing tobacco or how many people can blame tequila for their own throwing up.

10. How Epic That James Earl Jones Appearance Was

In the final act, James Earl Jones appears as the owner of the not-so scary the Beast. I had no clue the iconic actor was the voice of Darth Vader back when I first saw it (though I did realize a year later that he was the voice of Mufasa in The Lion King). However, I do think I had already seen Field of Dreams when I saw The Sandlot, so I just thought the actor really loved baseball.

11. How Adorable Benny Was

Just kidding — everyone could see why Smalls and the rest of the gang idolized Benny. He was a born leader and so damn cute. Who didn't have a crush on Benny?

Even if I didn't completely understand The Sandlot back in the '90s, I can confidently say that, as a grown woman, I will have a soft spot in my heart for this film for-ev-er.

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