Adele Forgetting Her Own Lyrics Is The Best

If you don't already idolize Adele and want to be best friends with her, you will now. While performing in Lisbon as part of her Adele Live 2016 tour, Adele forgot her own lyrics while singing "Million Years Ago." Obviously, this happens to artists from time to time, but Adele's reaction to messing up her own song is not only priceless, but makes her even more lovable. Does that really surprise anyone? The fact that she turned a mistake into something charming is just typical Adele.

In the midst of belting out the lyrics, the 28-year-old singer immediately recognized the wrong words were coming out of her mouth. All of this lead to the most perfect reaction. She said, "Sh*t! Wrong words! Sh*t, sh*t sh*t! I started singing the verse instead of the chorus!" Then, while the crowd started laughing at her reaction, Adele, too, let out that memorable laugh of hers. Seriously, she has the best laugh.

This isn't the first time she's forgotten her lyrics during her 2016 tour. During her Denmark show, she messed up "Rolling in the Deep," and exclaimed, "Oh sh*t, f*ck! Sh*t! Stop, I did the wrong words. Let’s do it again." Then, during her 2016 show in Manchester, Adele forgot the words to "I Miss You." Yes, she swore again and hilariously said, "I don’t even know the f*cking words."

Forgetting lyrics isn't the only time Adele has been endearing. How about that time she twerked during her tour? Has twerking ever looked so adorable? I think not. Or, how about how she opens up during pretty much every interview, like she did with Ellen DeGeneres in February when she discussed the technical issues during her 2016 Grammy performance? Or, you know, whenever she plays a prank. Sometimes pranks aren't funny, but Adele manages to turn them into something that is both hilarious and charming.

Basically, Adele is extremely human and who doesn't admire that? Her ability to laugh at herself and the fact that she can admit when she makes mistakes proves that she isn't perfect. She embraces her flaws and isn't afraid to point them out in front of everyone. I can't imagine forgetting my own lyrics during a huge tour. If it were me, I'd be so embarrassed and try to hide somewhere. Or, you know, I'd try to play it off like nothing even happened.

But Adele's clearly the opposite. She doesn't seem to really care, which is what I love about her so much. Her confidence and candidness is what makes her so beautiful and a huge star. It takes a lot for someone to say, "Yeah, I made a mistake," and to laugh at themselves in the process. Everyone, including myself, should start taking after Adele. I mean, who doesn't want to be more like her anyways?

Never change, Adele.