It's Official: Adele Is Queen Of Practical Jokes

My 30th birthday might not be until May, but if someone could start arranging plans for me to hang with Adele I'd forever be grateful. Seriously, with each new day I find another reason to adore the British singer. Obviously, the 27-year-old talent is wonderful for all kinds of reasons (she's body positive, she's a great role model, and she can saaaang), but Adele and Ellen DeGeneres just pulled a prank together that might be my new favorite Adele moment.

While appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the 25 artist visited Jamba Juice and did everything DeGeneres told her to do via an earpiece. Me? I'm not so good when it comes to pulling pranks and keeping a straight face. As for the "Hello" singer, well, she is a pro. She did everything DeGeneres told her to do flawlessly. From pulling scissors out of her purse to using those scissors to cut wheatgrass to eating the wheatgrass to taking shots of amaretto, I now officially dub Adele the queen of pranks.

Clearly, DeGeneres feels the same. As you can watch below, she is in tears (from laughing too hard, of course) because Adele is just that amazing. So, enough of my chit chat. Just watch the prank for yourself and be prepared to idolize the singer more than I'm sure you already do:

I told you it was phenomenal. You know, this isn't the first time Adele's played a practical joke. Oh, yes, she's all about fun and loves messing with people. For example, in November 2015, Adele impersonated herself. She partnered up with Graham Norton and disguised herself as an Adele impersonator named Jenny. She then chilled with other Adele impersonators (yes, that's a thing). Obviously, they didn't catch on until Adele/Jenny took the stage and they heard her voice. Basically, they freaked out just like anyone would in that situation.

More recently, a video was released on Feb. 13 showing Adele photobombing her fans. Yeah, Benedict Cumberbatch might want to step aside, because the "When We Were Young" singer is beyond fantastic at photobombing. Once again, she teamed up with Norton and they photobombed fans who were taking photos with Adele's actual Oscar she won for Skyfall. Does it get better than that?

Now, if I could only somehow meet Adele so we could pull pranks together...