6 DIY Cake Toppers You Can Make (Or Buy!) Last Minute

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There have been occasions when you've had the time to personally bake a cake for your best friend, or mom, or significant other. You spent all night making it, you applied the icing perfectly, you handcrafted all of the decorations, and you transported it to the birthday party with such care, you'd think you were handling your firstborn child.

But sometimes you can barely squeeze in a minute to pick up a box of Entenmann's, and when you get to the store at the last minute, all they have left is a raspberry danish when you needed a yellow cake with chocolate icing and now you look like a bad friend.

Well no matter what your cake situation is, homemade cake toppers are a super easy way to add personal touches to any cake, no matter if it is homemade or not.

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