Demi Lovato Is Not Engaged To Wilmer Valderrama & I Don't Blame Her For Wanting To Dispel The Rumors

Don't start celebrating just yet, Lovatics: Demi Lovato is not engaged to Wilmer Valderrama, a fact that the "Cool For The Summer" singer made undeniably clear in a Snapchat photo she posted on Wednesday night. Though the engagement rumors are inevitable — particularly since the couple has been together for close to six years and Lovato attended a press day on Wednesday rocking an eye-catching, diamond-encrusted ring — the singer wanted to dispel any engagement buzz, and fast, sharing an image of the ring in question and scrawling in big, red letters one simple message: "RELAX."

The ring is a jaw-dropper, that's for sure (seriously — I need to know how many carats are on this thing). But it's also pointedly on her right ring finger, and even if you missed Lovato's bold, blood-red caption (complete with bold red arrow pointing to the ring itself), that should be enough of a hint that it's not an engagement ring. In fact, the only meaning the public can deduce from the bling is that Lovato can rock the hell out of a diamond rock, and that when she and Valderrama do eventually get engaged one day, it better be with a diamond fit for a queen. Anything less would just be doing her a disservice, especially after Lovato has made it clear just how well she can werk a rock.

Truth be told, I don't blame Lovato for wanting to shut down engagement rumors. The constant buzz around your relationship must get annoying, to say the least, and seriously pressure-inducing, to say the most. (The frequent, all-too-public rumors are basically the equivalent of hundreds of your relatives constantly asking when you're going to get engaged. They mean well, but oh God to be in the awkward AF position to be the couple who is asked...)

Plus, Lovato has already been open about her relationship status with her longtime beau, denying any engagement rumors point-blank earlier this year: "I don't see a ring," she laughed at the time to Ellen DeGeneres. "I wouldn't mind if I saw one!"

And that's the other piece to this: Demi Lovato is not exactly one to hide her feelings, particularly when those feelings concern Valderrama. The singer has long been outspoken about what her boyfriend means to her and how much she truly loves him (and the same can be said about him talking about her). You think someone like Demi Lovato would manage to keep her engagement a subtle secret? I don't think so. Pretty sure she and I are on the same wavelength when it comes to getting engaged: When that day happens, the actual shrieks of joy will reverberate so loudly that no one would even have to make any kind of announcement because the world would be able to hear the screams no matter the proximity to the proposal.