Marsbot From Foursquare Recommends Restaurants You'll Like So You Never Have To Make Your Own Dinner Decisions Again

There might finally be a trick to avoiding those conversations where you're trying to agree on a restaurant and no one seems able to say anything but, "I don't know, whatever you want": Marsbot from Foursquare will not only tell you what restaurants you might like based on your preferences, but moreover, it'll text you if you're near one. In other words, the robots are taking over your food — but if you never have to have another "anywhere is fine" conversation, it might be a fair trade-off.

From Facebook to Twitter to TacoBell, bots are all the rage these days, because let's face it: Sometimes, talking to a human is just overrated. Case in point: Foursquare's Marsbot restaurant recommendation bot is way more decisive and knowledgeable than your friends. You can input information about your food preferences into Marsbot — for example, if you're vegan and allergic to gluten, you can let it know — but it's also designed to pay attention to the places you look at on your phone. And once you're nearby a place it thinks you might like, it sends you a recommendation via text to your phone.

Admittedly the text-when-your-near bit sounds a little creepy — the machines are learning our ways, guys — but as long as it's giving you awesome recommendationsl, I suppose tat's a decent trade. I mean, sure, we might be one step closer to the robot apocalypse, but, well... burritos. Or sushi. Or sushi burritos. Whatever floats your proverbial food-boat.


So far, Marsbot is only available if you live in New York or San Francisco, but if you're lucky enough to have it in your area, it might be worth it just to have a robot tell you where you should eat. Because sometimes, leaving it up to fate — or to our future mechanical overlords — is just better than trying to figure it out yourself. So fire up Marsbot, and let it's recommendations be your guide.

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