Charlie Sheen Emojis Are Here, No One Knows Why

Of all the celebrities to cash in on the "your very own line of emojis" trend, Charlie Sheen was certainly not the first star to come to mind. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your sense of humor I guess), we have now been #blessed with Charlie Sheen emojis, which you can download on the "Sheenoji" keyboard emoji app. This is not a drill.

According to People, once you download the app, you'll be able to pepper your texts with "100 different Sheen icons, stickers, and 'Charlieisms.'" This is great for people who hate their friends and want to send obnoxious things about "#WINNING" and tiger blood and other ridiculous and probably offensive Charlie Sheen sayings. I fear the group chat with the guy who has Charlie Sheen emojis.

Because you need to know, the app's description reads as follows:

Sheenoji, Charlie Sheen's official emoji keyboard app lets you share your inner Charlie with the world. Bring your tiger's blood to a boil! Release your inner man's man. Fire a torpedo of truth into the technosphere. And above all, be POSITIVELY NEGATIVE!

Ah, exactly what everyone wants in their texts: A barrage of images that scream exactly what kind of person you are to all of your friends. The whole thing already gives me a headache.

Of course, a description of Sheenoji would not be complete without an example of some of the emoticons. We can see here that there's already Purple Tinted Angry Charlie, Cryogenically Frozen Charlie, Tears Streaming Down His Face Charlie. I can only imagine the types of annoying AF convos in which these Sheen emojis would be used.

Give me a solid dose of Kim Kardashian, Amber Rose, or Blac Chyna emojis any day — particularly in comparison to this.