This 'Inside Amy Schumer' Fame Sketch Shows How Scary The Limelight Can Be

In April, Amy Schumer shared a story of a fan encounter on Instagram that she claimed took such a negative turn, she no longer would take photos with fans. The comedian claimed that a man in South Carolina shoved a camera in her face and ignored Schumer's request that he step away. She claims that he responded by telling her, "it's America and we paid for you" and that she was both frightened for her safety and troubled by the fact that he treated a woman this way in front of his young daughter. The fan in question told FOX Carolina that Schumer's accusations were false and their encounter didn't happen the way she described it. Whatever really happened that day, it's clear that Schumer has been thinking about the downsides of being a celebrity, as a May 26 Inside Amy Schumer sketch about fame illustrated that fan encounters can be overwhelming and, at times, frightening.

The sketch begins with Schumer stopping at a coffee shop to grab a drink, but she's immediately accosted by everyone from the barista to the customers. After politely declining to take a photo with the man behind her, he complains that she "should really be nicer to her fans." As the sketch goes on, a female fan rips Schumer's headphones out of her ears and forces her cell phone into her face for a selfie and the barista badgers her until she agrees to call her brother and wish him a happy birthday.

Every time she agrees to anyone's wishes, they complain that Schumer wasn't "funny" enough. And one particularly, uh, strange "fan" tells her that she loves her legs and asks if she could please eat one of them. By the time the sketch concludes, the entire coffee shop is in Schumer's face making increasingly ridiculous demands and complaining that she thinks she's better than everyone else. A tabloid cover asks, "Has Stardom Gone To Amy Schumer's Head?"

People are sometimes unsympathetic towards celebrities and there often seems to be a pervading opinion that, because they are well-compensated for their work, they should suck it up and accept the downsides of fame with a smile. But, the bottom line is they're people just like the rest of us and when they're at a coffee shop or walking down a street, they absolutely do have a right to privacy. And, no, they don't "owe" us photos just because we watch their shows and admire their work. Declining to take selfies with everyone who asks doesn't mean that Schumer doesn't appreciate her fans. Many people prefer to keep their professional and personal lives separate and this is no easy feat for a public figure, especially one like Schumer.

Furthermore, the sketch drives home the point that being accosted by anyone acting aggressively, even a fan, can be an invasive, frightening experience that no one deserves, regardless of how rich or famous they may be.

Image: Macall Polay/Comedy Central