10 Reasons Oscar Presenters Like Benedict Cumberbatch & Jessica Biel Agreed to the Job

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As fun as it was to have the celebrities presenting at the Oscars revealed one at a time, it's understandable that the Academy chose to speed up the process by announcing the rest of the Oscar presenters all at once, seeing as there's over three dozen names on the list. And oh, what a group; it's not every day Zac Efron's name is listed directly underneath Robert De Niro's, or Gabourey Sidibe's next to Sidney Poitier's. Needless to say, this year's presenters are certainly an eclectic mix.

And while it makes sense to have Oscar favorites like Charlize Theron and Christoph Waltz on the list, some of the Academy's choices for presenters are bit more confusing. Read on as we break down the 10 most baffling presenters-to-be, and come up with a few theories why each might be there on Oscar night.

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