This Girl Took Third Wheel Selfies For Two Years To Celebrate Her Singlehood

It's hard to admit that sometimes we get a little down on ourselves when our closest friends are getting it on with other people and we're not. But instead of letting it get you down, why not take the high road and be like this girl who took third wheel selfies? Instead on focusing on the negative, why not poke fun of the situation? After all, being the third wheel is super important. Think of yourself and your friends as a tricycle — the third wheel adds stability. You add stability. Without you, your friends would be a metaphor for a bicycle. And while bicycles are fun, they can fall over much easier than a tricycle.

I was once in the presence of three couples as the only single person. People were kissing and hugging and dancing. I was sitting on the couch and watching. Sure, it's easy to feel bad for yourself in those types of situations. It's much harder and more rewarding to stop and appreciate your friend's relationship. It only took me five minutes to get up and join the dance party once I had that realization. Being the third (or in my case seventh) wheel is only awkward if you choose to let it affect you. If the movie The Lobster taught me anything, it's that being single isn't a bad thing. We're not going to be turned into animals and hunted — the worst that could happen is that you are stuck drinking an expensive drink while your friend sucks face in a nightclub. Hardly a terrible night.

Instead of being upset by your situation, try to be more like Sophiagia and make the most of it! Two years of being a third wheel and not a frown in sight. You're my hero!

In case you wanted to see more Third Wheel MVPs, check out this video by Wong Fu Productions.

Wong Fu Productions on YouTube

Obviously, a lot of this is satirical in nature, but you get the point! Having the right attitude is important. Your friends count on you to be there for them through all the phases of their lives. No matter what. And in return, they will do the same for you when you get into a relationship. They will dutifully walk behind you on the sidewalk and stand next to you at the bar while you flirt. A give and take.

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But you know what gets me through those situations? It's the fact that you are not alone! You are never the only third wheel in the club or ice cream store. These are moments we can all relate to. Fellow third wheels, unite!

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