Chad Need To Exit 'The Bachelorette' Now

by Alaina Urquhart-White

Guys, the promo for the rest of this season's The Bachelorette promises some serious drama and it all seems to all revolve around Chad. Let's be real here, Chad is definitely the villain of JoJo's Bachelorette season. Take one look at his show bio and it's clear that he was made for the title. He seems full of himself and pandering at times like saying his favorite movie is, The Notebook. Come on, Chad. I see right through that. I think he confirmed my judgement of him during the premiere when he had nothing but nasty, catty things to say about the rest of the contestants. Since the season trailer shows him in a myriad of aggressive confrontations, I have to wonder when Chad will be leaving The Bachelorette this season. He can't possibly stay for long, right?

JoJo seems to have a weird connection with Chad, and it looks like it is going to become a problem later in the season. The other men see Chad for who he really is, which is apparently an aggressive ball of testosterone. Unfortunately, he seems to put on a front when he is alone with JoJo. I have to hope that JoJo is smart enough to eventually lift the veil and see him for what he really is.

Next week it seems fans are going to get a taste for Chad's true self. The trailer shows him going after contestant Alex when Alex suggests that maybe Chad shouldn't lurk around JoJo while she's trying to get to know other dudes. Chad loses his cool and says, "Yo, f*ck you, for real. I'm serious. Keep that up, you're gonna lose your damn teeth."

That seems to be just the beginning of Chad's outbursts because at some point later this season, promos show that Chris Harrison eventually pulls him aside to give him the riot act about his ways. Hopefully, JoJo and the other men don't allow it to go on for very long. No one needs that kind of guy to make it to the end.

I am not saying that Chad's hot-headedness would necessarily translate into his romantic relationships, but he's still not someone I want to see for JoJo. So, the sooner she cuts him loose, the better.

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Image: Rick Rowell/ABC