This Is Kimmy Gibbler's Greatest Moment Ever

One of the main reasons I love Full House, apart from the nostalgia factor, is one character: And that is Kimmy Gibbler. This is simply because Kimmy Gibbler is the best part of Full House , and the show probably would have been just fine if it was all Kimmy, all the time. Sure, the Tanners (sans DJ) will tell you that she's a nuisance, a mannerless threat to the perfect harmony of the full house. And yes, maybe her feet reek with a heinous odor that would wilt an entire garden. But I love that about her, that she barges in and injects so much color and craziness in these poor, unsuspecting people's lives. I love that she's disruptive, I love that she believes in herself, and I love the outrageous ways in which she tries to prove her worth to the Tanners. In fact, there's one particular moment in "I've Got A Secret" that truly steal my heart, even if it's just a temporary win for the Gibbler.

In the wake of DJ and Nelson's breakup (remember Nelson, the one with the glasses and the money), Kimmy tries to scoop in and pick up the leftovers. You know that crazy Kimmy Gibbler, no shame. DJ is (respectably) tight-smiled about the whole situation, and low-key implies that Kimmy isn't good enough for him. You know, he's steak, she's chicken, that old metaphor. Kimmy gets miffed in turn. You can imagine what happens next.

That's right, Kimmy gets a date with Nelson and she emerges in all black and pearls, looking like the early '90s answer to Audrey Hepburn, kissing him on the hand like a gentleman. But all that decoration can't hide Kimmy's Kimmyness, and she promptly mixes up three different nationalities. Nelson, smitten, asks if she would like to grab some Crêpe Suzette. "Well, I'm not that into Greek food, but um, si, señor." She holds the door open for him as they leave, as a final grand "eff you" to DJ. Bless.

Kimmy's spitefulness definitely didn't make for the best Kimmy-DJ friendship moment. Beyond that, we all know this ends with Nelson crawling back to DJ for a mid-season love triangle and Kimmy falling for that dude that says "whatever" a lot. But I love when Kimmy spins around with such a flourish, as if to say, "Screw you, Tanneritos, I can be a class act, too." Like, she's just mixed up nationalities and stumbled a bunch of times, but that only endears her to me more. After the whole ordeal, DJ admits that she was jealous (rightfully so) and our girl feels a brief victory over her perpetually perfect BFF.

I'm sure you think I'm playing Devil's Advocate for the sake of ruffling feathers, but definitely watch the whole DJ-Kimmy-Nelson saga below, and just try to tell me that fashion walk isn't golden.

Images: Anitha D/YouTube (2)