7 Sketchiest Journalists in Film: From 'Never Been Kissed' to 'One Fine Day'

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Movies have a tendency to exaggerate everything. In film, romance has the innate ability to pop up in the timeliest, but impossible moments, money never seems to run out even if the character is unemployed, everyone is unfairly gorgeous, and jobs are interesting and overflowing with perks. And as a journalist, I can't help but notice how journalists are portrayed in the movies — especially because journalists are far too often glamorized.

Between seducing the teacher while investigating undercover to spending thousands on shoes with just a weekly sex column, these movie journalists have me scratching my head. Am I missing something or are we in the land of complete make believe? Here are seven of our favorite movie journalists and their fairy-tale careers we can't help but question.

Image: Twentieth Century Fox

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