These Are The Top 5 Words Men Misspell On Dating Sites

I’m no grammar police, but certain errors of the you're/your variety definitely make me cringe. Apparently I’m not alone in my dislike of certain grammatical errors. A recent study of eHarmony users conducted by app Grammarly found that men were 14 percent less likely to find success online when they had spelling errors in their dating profiles. Because of that, Jimmy Rhoades from pop culture show The List, found the top five most commonly misspelled words by men on dating sites and even took to the streets to test it out.

Before we get to that, bad spelling isn’t the only turn-off for women. In fact, a 2015 Match study of 5,000 single women found that 96 percent of them think grammar is “essential” in moving forward with a match. If you ask me, the reasoning behind seems pretty legit. According to experts, men who have poor spelling and grammar on their profiles show a lack of effort, which obviously people off.

Jason Tan of Sift Science, a fraud detection service for websites and mobile apps, said certain abbreviations like “ur,” typos like “happend,” and a dislike for capital letters can be red flags. As Tan told The Wall Street Journal, those are some indicators that the writer was more likely to commit fraud.

Overall, spelling and grammar are important to a lot of people — especially when you're only communicating online. With that said, what are the five most commonly misspelled words by men on dating sites? Here they are:

1. Bachelor

The Bachelor is a pretty popular show and I feel like I can never escape ads for it. Personally, I don't think I'd excuse a guy for spelling "bachelor" wrong. Especially if it's a word he uses to define himself.

2. Accomodate

3. Dysfunctional

4. Independent

5. Misspell

Not really sure why you would have to put the word "misspell" in your dating profile, but OK. On another note, isn't that why we have autocorrect nowadays?

To see the video in it's entirety, check it out below.

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