These Two Questions Can Determine How Smart You Are

What if someone told you that there are two questions that determine how smart you are? Would you answer them? Would you even care what those questions are? I would and I do. Ben Ambridge’s Psy-Q psychological test posses two questions based on a study from British Journal of Psychology in 2016. The psychological IQ test does not boggle down your brain with complicated questions — unlike its predecessors, it gets straight to the point.

First, a bit of refresher on what your IQ actually means: Your "intelligence quotient" actually tests you on various levels of thinking and reasoning, your fluid intelligence rather than the concrete intelligence of facts you've learned or skills you've developed. Your individual score is compared to everyone else who takes it. Most people score near or around 125. I took a test online when I was in high school and I think I scored 127. It's not that good of a score, but I'm happy with it! I, like everyone else who takes it, secretly hope that it reveals us to be geniuses. While finding out that I am not a secret genius stung a little, knowing that I scored at a fair level gave me piece of mind. Plus — I feel like these tests don't really mean anything, when you factor in all the other variables like life experience, empathy, and so much else that gets disregarded in these tests. So really, don't take it too seriously.


But if you're still interested in knowing and you don't want to take the time to take a two-hour quiz that tests spatial, cognitive, and mathematical skills you have, taking a two question test is much easier. It took me 15 seconds to complete the whole thing. I am happy to report that I am intelligent, according to the findings. The questions are as follows:

Question One: Does living in a crowded area get you down?

(a) a lot; (b) a bit; (c) not at all

Question Two: Would you prefer to socialize with friends every day, as opposed to just once or twice a week?

(a) hell, yeah!; (b) maybe a bit; (c) no


That's it!

These are not trick questions. Trust me, I spent like an hour on Pottermore trying to figure out a pattern that would lead me to my preferred house. And just like in Pottermore, I let fate guide me to Gryffindor after giving up. In both cases, I ended up with a result I really liked. Below is the breakdown to calculate your answers and find out if you are intelligent or not.

If you said (b) or (c) for the first question and (c) for the second, then you are showing the response pattern typical of highly intelligent people. In general, living in an area with high population density is associated with lower levels of life satisfaction (as measured by questionnaire).

While the results are something I liked to hear, take it with a grain of salt: While intelligent people tend to talk to other people more, they also seem to enjoy the conversations less than non-intelligent people. This is more of a fun party question than an actual IQ test, but hey! ~The more you know~.

Images: Pixabay