So Where'd Buzzy Go To School?

If you're a fan of the decades-running TV quiz show Jeopardy, then there's probably one name on your lips right now ― that's right, the inimitable Austin Cohen, better known to viewers everywhere as Buzzy. If you're not a fan, or haven't watched recently, suffice to say this guy made quite an impression on the viewing public, with his slick, clean-cut look, his thick-framed glasses, his considerable trivia expertise, and his nerd-swag style. So maybe you're looking for some trivia on him ― like, where did Buzzy Cohen go to college?

While the process of studying and practicing to actually be a contestant on Jeopardy can be very taxing, you're in luck, because you can get a head-start by packing this particular bit of Buzzy-related trivia into your brain right now. As Danielle Desisto detailed for, Buzzy Cohen is a graduate of New York City's prestigious Columbia University, where he received a BA in music. That makes sense, considering his current line of work.

According to his LinkedIn page, he attended the Ivy League college from 2003 to 2006, and nowadays he's an executive for a music company. As well as a nine-time Jeopardy champion! Sadly for Buzzy, his reign came to an end on Friday night, as he lost to an English professor named Erin Delaney.

While Cohen's stretch of dominance over the Jeopardy world has already come to an end, and he fell short of some of the truly mind-blowing streaks in the show's history (Ken Jennings still holds the record at a staggering 74 straight wins), he'll surely be remembered as one of the more colorful characters in recent memory.

He's also proven to be an oddly polarizing figure among fans online, with some fans adoring him, while others have nothing but disdain. It's a slightly comparable situation to the controversial 11-game reign of Arthur Chu, who drew criticism for bouncing around from category to category without finishing them out, maximizing his chances of winning by eschewing years of hardwired Jeopardy tradition and convention. Cohen wasn't doing anything so controversial in terms of play style, though ― he just liked to have a little fun, as evidenced by his devastatingly effective shoulder brush.

Say what you will, but you've got to give it up for enjoying yourself when you're on top of the heap. You'll probably see Cohen on the air again sometime, though ― his nine-game winning streak makes him a virtual lock to join the field of 15 contestants for the annual Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions later this year.

Image: Play Jeopardy/Youtube (2)