Donald Trump Has A Lot Of Homes

Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump is a man who enjoys only the finest, classiest things in life. Besides the dysfunctional political campaign, all those xenophobic policy proposals, the history of boorish insults, and the occasional pork-chop-on-a-stick, of course. And if there's anything he clearly takes some pride in, it's his portfolio of resplendent properties ― you may think Mar-a-Lago is a bit much, but he clearly loves it. And with the general election season very nearly upon us, you might be curious: just how many houses does Donald Trump own?

To be clear, not just the buildings that he's stamped the name "Trump" across ― he does that with virtually everything, whether it's a building, or an airplane, or a now-defunct magazine. Rather, how many homes does Trump own all by himself, to do with as he pleases?

Well, at the risk of sounding imprecise, here's the best answer: a lot of them. As Bridget Mallon noted for Elle Decor last year, it's not really possible to say just how many homes Trump owns, because he's alluded to having others without precisely stating how many, or where they are. But the ones that are publicly known are nothing if not showy.


If you're likely to have heard of any of them, Trump Tower is undoubtedly the headliner. Trump owns the building, and it's considered one of the most valuable and iconic ones in all of Manhattan, boasting 58 floors of apartments, shops, and restaurants. Trump himself has a multi-story luxury penthouse in the tower, absolutely drenched in opulence and gold trimming.

The other one that's been front-and-center throughout his presidential campaign is the Mar-a-Lago resort mansion in Palm Beach, Florida. Situated just off the eastern coast of Florida, the estate was originally constructed as a private mansion, and it's undoubtedly one of the crown jewels of the Trump portfolio. Notably, Trump used Mar-a-Lago as the backdrop for more than one of his bizarre, post-primary victory pseudo-press conferences.

Win McNamee/Getty Images News/Getty Images

There are a couple other homes that Trump has spoken about publicly, however ― as Katherine Clarke detailed for the New York Daily News last year, Trump also boasts the Kluge Estate, a mansion on a sprawling vineyard in Charlottesville, Virginia, the Seven Springs summer retreat in Bedford, New York, and yet another mansion on the West Coast, in Beverly Hills. That's five homes right there, setting aside any that he's not chatting about.

The question of how many homes a presidential candidate has isn't new ― it's sort of a casual, time-worn question that drives at whether a candidate can truly relate to the concerns of average Americans, and in recent years it's been leveraged by the Democrats against the Republicans. Mitt Romney, the 2012 Republican nominee, had a reported four different estates, and 2008 nominee John McCain's struggle to answer the question helped cast him as out-of-touch.