25 Awesome Early 2000s Themed Tattoos

by Eliza Florendo

When I think of the early 2000s, I'm immediately filled with equal parts loving nostalgia and major cringing. I mean, the fashion might have been the worst of all time, but the memorable early 2000s tattoos inspired by the perplexing culture of the new millennium are something to be remembered.

Some of my clearest memories of the early 2000s take me the days when replicating what Marissa Cooper and Avril Lavigne wore made up my entire wardrobe. This was the era that brought us Fallout Boy and Friends; My Chemical Romance and Lizzie McGuire; Gilmore Girls and Harry Potter. We like to poke fun at our early oughts selves. But there's a lot to be said for those times.

The early 2000s shaped many a Millennial's formative years. Raise your hand if you remember The O.C. or One Tree Hill feeling like your entire life. Personally, Coldplay, The All American Rejects, Maroon 5, Green Day, and Good Charlotte coursed through my veins.

I miss this era more than anything, as much as it makes me cringe. And to commemorate this amazing decade, many people have tattooed themselves with it. Let's take a trip down memory lane and pay homage to all these glorious early 2000s-themed tattoos, shall we?

1. We All Feel This

Listen, this TV death destroyed us all.

2. Fall Out Boy

So much angst.

3. Lizzie McGuire

I need this ASAP.

4. One Tree Hill

So much inspo right here.

5. That's Hot

I'm kind of loving this.

6. Pineapple Under The Sea

How cute is this?

7. Friends


8. iPod Love

Anyone who encountered an early 2000s iPod will recognize this.

9. Livestrong

The yellow is so iconic.

10. Ghost World

So much yaaaaaas.

11. Blink-182

I can't tell you how often I played "Feeling This" in middle school.

12. Moulin Rouge

Love the colors in this one.

13. Britney

You know you love singing along to this one.

14. Xtina

Yes to all these colors.

15. Gilmore Girls

You gotta be a major fan to recognize this one.

16. American Idol

That's one super fan.

17. My Chemical Romance

Damn, my 2000s self would've adored this.

18. Juicy Couture

We all remember this crown.

19. Lost

Omg, I just got chills.

20. Dee Dee

We all loved Dexter's Laboratory. RIP to this amazing show.

21. Grey's Anatomy

Ugh, tears streaming.

22. X-Men

Hands up for Wolverine.

23. Harry Potter

So simple, yet so beautiful.

24. Lord Of The Rings

Why, yes, I do want Gimli on my arms.

25. Dory

My heart is melting.

Yep, I'm experiencing some major nostalgia right now. Take me back to flip phones, iPod classics, and a time before social media, please. I may have to get one of these in the aid of never forgetting just how great this decade really was.

Images: SymbolicImports/Etsy (1)