Tattoos That Were Popular In The '90s

by Eliza Florendo

While tattoos these days are as ubiquitous as Starbucks locations (literally every block in New York City), they weren't always as accepted. Case in point: Tattoos from the '90s that basically just belonged to the ultra daring and edgy.

For as long as I can remember, my parents would always tell us they'd disown me and my siblings if we ever got a tattoo of our own (sorry, mom and dad, but I broke this rule as soon as I turned 18...). In their mind, tattoos were for felons (clearly not true). Most '90s tattoos are so cringeworthy — Think, barbed wire, tribal tattoos, and Chinese lettering — And I wonder just how many people regret getting theirs.

Looking around me, especially as a millennial living in New York City, nearly everyone has a tattoo. In fact, you'd be an outlier if you didn't have one. My friends and I follow just as many tattoo artists on Instagram than we do fashion bloggers and celebrities. It's just part of our culture, and tattoos really don't need to have a meaning behind them anymore. It's perfectly acceptable to get new ink just because you like the way it looks, or just because it's Friday the 13th, and flash tattoos are available.

And, since they're so readily available and accepted, there are so many new tattoo styles popping up. Gone are the days of just traditional American style tattoos (which look so dope, by the way). Minimalist line work, bright colors, and other illustration styles have become more popular.

But — I must admit — There are a few '90s-inspired tattoos that really do still stand the test of time. Because let's be real: It was the best era for pop culture, and these will forever be in our hearts.

1. Everyone's Favorite Girl

Daria will always, always be relevant.

2. The Iconic Picture Frame

I can hear the theme song just looking at this.

3. In West Philadelphia...

Need I keep singing the lyrics?

4. Pokemon

Because yes, we gotta catch 'em all.

5. Zelda

Love the colors in this one, too.

6. It's A Me...

OBSESSED with this style.

7. For Music Lovers

Who doesn't love a good boombox?

8. Clueless

In honor of the greatest movie of all time.

9. Our First Pets

We've all been through this, tbh.

10. Alien Love

Who didn't love aliens in the '90s?

11. Modern Barbed Wire

This actually looks pretty cool...

12. Sailor Moon

So much '90s, it hurts.

13. Our Favorite Candy

Still love Ring Pops to this day...

14. Badass Belle

Way too cool.

15. Cynthia

This is so badass, it's not even funny.

Raise your hands if you want to relive the pop culture moments of the '90s. I know I do! These shows, movies, and references may be over, but we'll remember them forever. In ink.

Images: Paramount Pictures