So That's What Happened To Benjen Stark On 'GoT'

Guys, things got really intense on this week's episode of Game Of Thrones. We saw a lot of seriously intense scenes but the biggest shocker was seeing the long awaited return of Benjen Stark to Game of Thrones . Benjen rode up on a horse and demolished a handful of wights as they attacked Meera and Bran in the forest. Once Bran realized who had saved him, Benjen explained where he had been and what had happened to him.

Benjen told a pretty harrowing tale of leading a party of men deep into the North to find White Walkers. Instead, he and his men were ambushed by White Walkers and one of them stabbed Benjen in the gut with a sword made out of ice. He was left to die but our favorite little mythical beings, the children of the forest came and saved him. How did they do that, you ask? According to Benjen, the way to save him was to plunge a shard of dragon glass through his heart, precisely the same method used by the children for creating the very first white walker. He seems like he is OK, so what does this really mean?

Benjen has clearly seen some sh*t since we last saw him. It's been a long time coming for him to return and I don't think he is necessarily the same man he left as. It should be very interesting to see what else we learn from this elusive Stark in the coming weeks.

Images: HBO