Urban Decay's Pro Brushes Are Must Own Tools

Urban Decay is making it a #ByeMoney summer for Beauty Junkies. The brand revamped its entire lipstick collection with 100 Vice shades. They are one upping themselves, as Urban Decay has launched Pro Makeup Brushes and the range features 29 tools of the trade. It doesn't matter if you buy the cheapest drugstore bargain bin item or the most luxe product on the department store counter. If you don't have the proper tools with which to apply said product, you are wasting your time and money. It's time to choose your weapons carefully, as Urban Decay's new brushes will assist you in applying product as though you were a profesh makeup artist. When and where can you buy the UD Pro makeup brushes, and how much are they?

I have all the info you need, Beauty Junkies. The Urban Decay makeup brushes are available as of right now! They are shoppable exclusively via the UD site and at the brand's flagship boutique in So Cal. If you aren't geographically desirable, well, point and click, baby!

The most inexpensive brushes are $18, while the priciest brush will set you back by $49. There is a tool to satisfy every need and function, from a powder face brush to an angled lip brush.

Observe some of the most essential tools you will want to add to your kit.

Urban Decay Large Powder Brush, $45, Nordstrom

I love the tapered handles and black and gunmetal finish.

Urband Decay Angled Eyeliner Brush, $22, Nordstrom

This baby will help you get that cat eye flick! You can draw thin or thick lines.

Urban Decay Optical Blurring Blush, $32, Sephora

If you want that airbrushed foundation look, the densely-packed bristles of this brush will help you get it.

Urban Decay Smoky Smudger Brush, $22, Nordstrom

Smoky eyes will remain in style until the end of time. This smudger is essential for properly smoked out peepers. Oh, and the hairs are synthetic and made from recycled plastic bottles! That is the case for this entire cruelty-free collection of brushes, BTW!

Urban Decay Iconic Eyeshadow Brush, $22, Nordstrom

This bad boy is all you need to apply and blend, apply and blend, and repeat.

There are 29 total brushes. You will want to own all of these wands and weapons of the makeup trade. As the product description notes, the synthetic brush hair doesn't cling to bacteria like porous animal hair does, making these UD Pro Brushes more hygienic and easier to keep clean.

Images: Courtesy of Urban Decay (6)