12 Awesome Parts Of Your '90s School Day

by Kat George

School feels boring at the best of times, whether it's in the '90s or today. I mean, learning is great and wonderful and enriching and important, but show me a high school student that wasn't a little bit bored at least once and I'll show you a unicorn. School in the '90s was a different experience to school now, mostly because the technology was so different back then. We weren't texting each other on our cell phones or taking notes on personal laptops in the '90s. We were passing notes and using pen and paper. Sounds primitive, right? Like making fire out of sticks and stones, but the stationery version.

There were awkward things about school in the '90s. Going through puberty is hard enough, but try going through it in head-to-toe tie dye, brown lipstick and blue eyeshadow. All the while you've got to be studying and paying attention and doing your homework. It's a lot. That's why there were certain things that would excite you in the '90s when you were at school that probably seem pretty innocuous now, but back then, really could make your day. Here are 12 of the most exciting things that could happen in a school day in the '90s.

1. The Teacher Rolled Out The TV

The best thing that could ever happen in a school day in the '90s was your teacher rolling in one of those giant tube TVs. That's how you knew you didn't have to do any of that darn book learnin' and you could just take it easy.

2. You Were Allowed To Put On A Performance Of Your Spice Girls Cover Band At Assembly

Whatever tribute cover band you had, being allowed to perform at assembly didn't just make your day, it made your whole damn week.

3. You Cracked Open A New Set Of Gel Pens

Starting to the day with fresh gel pens would have you walking on air until home time. Especially because before that you'd been struggling with pens that had barely ever ink left and so only sporadically worked. Having gel pens that glided across your paper was a cause for great excitement in your school day in the '90s.

4. It Was Casual Clothes Day And Someone Bought Some Hair Mascara

Obviously, casual clothes day is the best day of the year no matter what era you live in. But in the '90s, when it was casual clothes day and someone whipped out a wand of hair mascara too... Well, that meant you were cooking with gas.

5. You Made It Through A Whole Day Without Being Told Off For Wearing A Non-School Sanctioned Scrunchie

We'd all try it every now and then. Wearing a colorful scrunchie with our school uniform even though we knew it was against the rules. Most of the time it would be confiscated, but every so often, we'd get away with it, and it would absolutely make our day.

6. You Passed Notes All Class And Didn't Get Caught

Texting seems so easy. Nothing has to exchange hands. But in the '90s we passed notes, and there was an art to not getting caught. Nailing it was a triumph.

7. Someone Bought Their Walkman To School And You Took Turns Listening Through One Ear Phone Each At Recess

Contraband at school like a Walkman was the best. You and your friends would take turns listening through one side of the ear phone and singing out loud. Nothing had a speaker function back then.

8. Your "Love Math" Went Just The Way You Wanted It To

Love math was big in the '90s. It was when you'd list names of crushes, houses, jobs and numbers, and the perform elaborate counting schemes to find out who you would marry, where you would live, what you would do and how many kids you would have. When it worked out perfectly, nothing could bring you down.

9. Your Crush Left A Note In Your Locker

Maybe a text from your crush makes you day now, but back in the '90s, it was a handwritten note in your locker.

10. The Locker Next To Your Best Friend's Locker Became Free And You Got To Move In

As I've mentioned, we didn't just get to text and Facebook each other all day in the '90s (we couldn't!). So time together at school was precious. Being able to move into the locker next to your best friend's was the best possible thing that could happen, because it maximized your time with each other, especially if you didn't have many classes together.

11. Your Tamagotchi Lived Through The Day

If you had to leave your Tamagotchi at home all day, getting back to school to find it lived through the day without you was the best thing that could happen.

12. You Got To Man The Overhead Projector For The Teacher

The best task the teacher could give you at school was being in charge of changing the slides on the overhead projector. It make you King/Queen of the classroom.

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