Awkward '90s School Experiences We All Had

If you're even remotely awkward as an adult (like me), it probably started as something in your childhood. All of the awkward things you experienced at school in the '90s grew up to be those weird and uncomfortable moments as an adult, like that time someone said hello to you and you responded, "Good, thanks! How are you?" I'm not saying I've ever done this. OK, I am.

Honestly, I don't think any of us had it easy in the '90s; the whole decade was pretty awkward. I mean, it was fabulous, too, but have you ever come across someone who is still "stuck" in the '90s — hair, clothes, whatever — and you look at them and say to yourself, "Why did we ever think that was a good idea?" The '90s are an iconic part of the past, and in the past is where they should stay — with some exceptions, of course. I'd be totally fine if scrunchies and stick-on earrings made a comeback, but that's just me. Oh, and Boy Meets World, because #CoryAndTopangaForever.

There are definitely some '90s school moments, however, that I wouldn't enjoy reliving, thanks to their unavoidable awkwardness. (Thank goodness I have all new things to feel uncomfortable about now...)

1. The Running Man, Because... Just, Why?

I get that this was the "in" thing, but it was just so funny looking. Then again, our '90s selves would probably look at the Cupid Shuffle and laugh our behinds off.

2. When The Front Flap Of Your Skort Flew Open

Was this the most embarrassing thing ever, or what? People weren't supposed to know what your thighs looked like underneath if you didn't want them to (although if you did, that's A-OK too, of course). You might as well have been naked.

3. When Your Hairagami Was Showing

Your fellow students would first think that you had actually mastered the most complicated of hairstyles... but then they would spot the Hairagami peeking out from betwixt your locks. Fraud!

4. Wearing The Birthday Crown When You Were A Total Nerd

Did anyone else go to a school where you got to wear a homemade crown on your birthday? It was fun if you were cool and the crown was decorated with stickers from your favorite shows and bands — but people like me were basically begging for a kick-me sign.

5. When Your Press-On Nails Wouldn't Stay Put

These were so dope — except that they never stuck. And because they were so personalized, if someone found a random Disney princesses pinky nail on the floor of the cafeteria, they totally knew it was yours. Humiliating.

6. When You First Got Your Period

It was in the '90s that you first devised all sorts of creative ways to smuggle a tampon from your backpack to the bathroom, but you still knew that at least one person caught you trying to shove it into your sleeve under the table. Here's an idea: Let's learn from our mistakes and teach all successive generations that there's nothing embarassing or taboo about having a period. If that were the general consensus, it would cut down on a lot of adolescent distress.

7. Every Single Thing About School Dances

Fast songs. Slow songs. Not knowing the lyrics. Awkward City, Population: You.

8. When Your Parents Chaperoned A Field Trip

You totally weren't allowed to have any fun if a parent was there, and you pretty much prayed they would pretend they just didn't know you.

9. Your Earliest Attempts At Make-Up

In the '90s, I seemed to have thought that bright blue eyeshadow and red lipstick was the answer. I was wrong, and I'm sorry.

10. When You Tried To Copy The Rachel Haircut

You wanted to be unique, but your plan backfired when literally every single female-identified person on the planet got the Rachel haircut.

11. When You Tried To Mimic Baby Spice's Pigtails And Platform Shoes, Except... No

I'm not even entirely convinced that Baby Spice could pull off Baby Spice's look; but she's the only one who came close. As for everyone else... go home. You're drunk.

12. Clueless Ushering In An Era Of Knee-High Socks

You swore it had nothing to do with the movie and you just happened to now love knee-highs and plaid skirts; but this was one '90s look best left to Cher and Dionne.

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