The 15 Most Incredible "As Seen On TV" Hair Tools

In the entire history of my life I've only owned one As Seen On TV hair tool. It had to be cut out of my best friend's hair at a sleepover when we were 10. So, naturally, I'm a little wary of buying hair products from infomercials. My mom, however, has an addiction to QVC and all the weird As Seen On TV products, especially when it comes to products that fix a very niche need she previously didn't even know she had.

I've never really understood her need to buy useless items that end up being used once as a gimmick then hidden in a cupboard until the end of time, but nonetheless I encouraged her. Mainly because the one time we did try one of these products out, it was usually hilarious. Thankfully, she tended to opt for the food related options, so nobody had to have hair braiding equipment forcibly removed from their head ever again.

What As Seen On TV products have always specialized in is creating problems you never thought of, only to then solve them with their product. It's peak capitalism and excellent marketing — don't even pretend like you could resist a good Snuggie — and these products are just some prime examples of selling you something you suddenly need desperately.

1. Rollers That Aren't Rollers

Click N Curl, $40, As Seen On TV

Instead of using rollers in the usual way, Click N Curl has attached a removable handle to your rollers, so you can brush you hair, roll it up, heat it and then simply press a button and release the handle. Only to repeat the process by attaching a new roller onto the handle. I'm sure this would actually make using rollers mildly easier.

2. A Hairbrush

The Wet Brush, $14, As Seen On TV

While I was pretty sceptical over how this brush would work better than any other brush, there are plenty of positive reviews online. One blogger commented, "Brushing through snarls and knots is almost completely pain-free and only requires a pass of the brush or two."

Well then. Seems like a good investment.

3. Sleepover Torture Device

Glam Twirl, $11, As Seen On TV

If you can think back to a couple of paragraphs ago, where I explained about a hair braiding device that ripped out my BFF's hair in a cruel twist of fate, this is essentially the same product. If you want to braid your hair, I'd highly advise you just do it old school with your actual human hands, instead of mistakenly trusting a tiny purple machine to do it for you.

4. Colored Hair Spray For Grown Ups

Gray Away Root Concealer, $9, TargetSpraying my hair hot pink for school discos when I was in elementary school was my favorite part of dressing up for most of my childhood. Now, As Seen On TV has extended the experience to adulthood, because if you CBA dyeing your roots on time, you can cover them with this temporary spray on color for more effort and less permanence.

5. A Lot Of Hot Air

Air Curler, $8, As Seen On TV

This product promises to spin "your hair like a tornado to dry and curl your hair in seconds." This product not only looks ridiculous, but YouTube videos seem to indicate it's not really worth the time or effort. Vlogger Natasha Elisa commented, "I have one curl! In the time it would take me to do half my head with a curling iron, but hey! It was exciting."

I guess that's why nobody's ever made it out of a tornado stunning head of curls.

6. A New Kind Of Clip

Twist N Clip, $7, Amazon

I don't know about you, but my mom owns every alternative to a hair bobble that she possibly can. The market is huge for this kind of thing and As Seen On TV is only cashing in on said market.

7. A Large Piece Of Plastic

Hair Washing Tray, $21, Amazon

The only person I can imagine purchasing this is a hairdresser, and surely they'd buy it from an actual hairdressing supply shop?

8. Another Hairbrush

ExStatic Hairbrush, $15, Amazon

This hairbrush isn't promising detangling, but promising sleeker hair and a lack of static. Awesome for if you're just sitting around the house completely still, but I doubt the effects would last in the real world.

9. A Pointless Stand

Hair Dryer Stand, $25, As Seen On TV

"Now you can eliminate the fatigue of holding that heavy hair dryer!" Comments the As Seen On TV website, going in for the hard sell, as if nobody has ever held a hair dryer and knows they aren't that heavy. Not heavy enough to require two stands, anyway.

10. Spray On Hair

My Secret Hair Enhancer, $15, As Seen On TV


11. An Actually Useful Hairbrush

Simply Straight Ceramic Straightening Brush, $40, As Seen On TV

This is the first product in the list where I actually would be tempted to purchase it, if it worked. Luckily, reviews seem to point towards this brush being a great buy, especially for natural hair.

12. Demi Lovato's Secret

Secret Color Hair Extensions, $4, Amazon

If something is celebrity endorsed, it usually means it's a better quality than most other products. These easy to use extensions have great reviews so they're probably worth investing in.

13. Robocop's Hairdressing Cousin

Robocut, $35, Amazon

Robocut is a vacuum that cuts your hair, as if that's something that we have always been missing in our lives. If it wasn't for the awesome product name of "Robocut" I'd be bashing anybody who'd willingly spend over $70 on a vacuum hair cutting device instead of going to a salon. But with that name, I kind of want to buy everyone I know a Robocut for Christmas.

14. Another Hair Straightening Brush

Straight N Go Hair Straightening Brush, $15, As Seen On TV

Why have one straightening hair brush when you can have two? And this one comes in hot pink, which is a main selling point to me TBH.

15. Glitter Hair Stamps

Hot Stamps, $7, As Seen On TV

Ending my list with the best hair product I've seen in the last five years — glitter hair stamps. I wish I'd had these as a kid and I'm definitely investing in some as an adult, because this is obviously the best product As Seen On TV have ever produced.

Who knows, maybe these products will be everywhere in a couple of years and I'll be ridiculed for the ignorance I've shown here. More likely though, at least a few of these products will be banned from public use. Either way, please contact me if you decide to buy the hair cutting vacuum, because I really want to see how that turns out for you.

Images: Courtesy Brand