11 As Seen-On-TV Beauty Products You Can Buy

Though it's been many a lazy Sunday since I last spent a full morning watching infomercials (back when I eagerly debated between that or ABC's "One Saturday Morning"), those magical as-seen-on-TV products haven't gone anywhere. But since growing up a few years and getting to experience the joys of #adulting, I've begun to understand how genius those little items can be.

While these inventive gadgets are available for virtually every aspect of your life — whether you need to microwave some eggs in a pinch or you really loathe peeling apples — my life needs streamlining in the beauty department. All those little things I hate doing (but don't want to fall behind on), like fighting coffee teeth stains or keeping nails fresh, have been gloriously addressed by beauty innovators on TV. I'm not kidding: How many times have you had to "rest your arm" after blow drying for too long? There's a very wonderful solution for that. Or perhaps you were an early adopter of oversize earrings, and now they strain your ears? Yep, there's a subtle little hack for that, too. Not only are these gadgets and hacks seriously easy to use, they're all affordable. Read on to give your beauty routine a serious upgrade.

A Hands-Free Blow Dryer Stand For Effortless Styling

Hair Dryer Styling Stand Holder , $13, Amazon

How annoying is it when you're on the third layer of hair, and your dryer feels like a giant anvil? Or when you're trying to get blowout-level curls, and you could really use one more arm? This genius dryer stand holder could be the stress-free solution to your styling routine. Just attach your hair dryer, and use your free hands for your brush and styling spray. Reviewers call the tool they're third arm, and one said it"leaves both hands free to fluff-dry and style my hair, and allows me leave my blowdryer out on the master bath countertop without cords and clutter."

A Cordless Nail Shaping Gadget For An At-Home Mani

Totes Salon Shaper, $10, Amazon

How many times have you attempted to paint your nails, only to swear it off entirely because it never looked as good as gels? This electric nail shaper lets you work with what you already got, making your natural nails look as healthy as possible — or create a super smooth foundation for a painted finish. Five different attachments customize your nails' shape and shine, and its diamond cone grinding stone is a serious time-saver if you're always battling hangnails. The gadget is cordless, too, so you can simply throw it into your bag for travel.

Earlobe Reinforcers For Ouch-Free Heavy Earrings

Lobe Wonder Ear Lobe Support Patches (60 count), $7, Amazon

While you might be a lover of ornate, heavy earrings, your ears most likely aren't. Reach a compromise, for the sake of your lobes, with these super easy, hypoallergenic supportive ear lobe patches. They are self-adhesive, breathable oval patches that stick onto the back of your ear, in order to strengthen your lobe's ability to hold an earring. Many reviewers with torn lobes said these patches gave them the ability to wear their favorite dangly earrings again. One even said, "These little pads are a nice way of keeping the earrings from pulling on my thin lobes and also hold the earring in a nicer position."

Wrap & Snap Rollers For Pretty Curls Overnight

Wrap, Snap, And Go Hair Rollers, $9, AmazonYou love big bouncy curls, but you're tired of heat damaging your hair. Before bed, just wrap damp hair up in these rollers, snap the ends together, and hit the hay. When you wake up in the morning, you'll do so with pretty, defined twists you don't even have to style. The kit comes with 12 rolls and a hairstyling guide, and after a few uses, you can toss them into the washer machine for a quick and easy clean. One fan has been using the curling rolls for years, and she said, "I have hair to my shoulders, stick straight, and the curls, after sleeping in them, (I suggest a hair net) last all day, even on rainy days running errands, with no hairspray!"

An On-The-Go Whitening Pen For Erasing All Coffee Evidence

Finishing Touch Smile Whitening Pen, $7, Amazon

If you don't have the time, money, or patience for a pro-level whitening session, do it yourself! This whitening pen with a minty taste works in two days, and its many reviewers laud the pen's fast-acting formula for its super easy application process. Just paint the pen across your teeth where you'd like a brighter smile. One user said, "It tastes great and the best part is that it dries so fast that you can go about your day and never notice it after 30 seconds."

A Agave Fiber Exfoliating Cloth For A Glowing Complexion

Ayate Wash Cloth, $8, Amazon

If you're in constant pursuance of that bright and glowing complexion, exfoliation is the step you need to focus on. This 100 percent natural agave fiber exfoliation cloth sloughs away dead, damaged cells without scratching skin — helping healthy new skin cells get to the surface faster. Better exfoliation also increases circulation in the skin's surface, and this cloth is machine washable and biodegradable. Reviewers say the durable weave makes it one of the best scrubbers they've ever used, and that it really exfoliates without any irritation.

A Shower Brush For Hard-To-Reach Scrubbing

Angel Sales Massage Shower Brush, $13, Amazon

Finally reach those hard-to-reach spaces with this dual-cover loofah. A terry cloth side gently lathers and massages, while the rougher cover exfoliates areas you haven't been able scrub effectively in forever — without slipping and sliding in the shower. Not only is exfoliating your back a closer step towards ridding yourself of back breakouts, but taking a few seconds to massage those tense muscles can be a soothing daily habit.

A Lavender & Peppermint Herbal Eye Kit For Restful Sleep

Nature's Approach Herbal Therapy Eye Pillow , $20, Amazon

This little purple packet contains everything you need for a deep and more restful sleep. It contains a relaxing lavender scented eye mask, which features an adjustable strap and soft silk backing that rests against skin without irritating it. Simply microwave the mask for 20 seconds, let sit a few seconds, then breathe in the calming aroma while you doze off. The organic peppermint pack also included works much the same way, but all you need to do is breathe it in for clearer sinuses and a more relaxed mood. One user said, "The scent is subtle, but very nice and the weight of the face mask feels really good on my eyes when I lie on my back."

A Nose Hair Trimmer That Gets It Done Painlessly

Barber King Neat Nose Hair Trimmer, $12, Amazon

If you spot runaway nose hairs on a somewhat-frequent basis (and you'd prefer to keep those hairs out of sight), then chuck the tweezers and make things easier on yourself with this little gadget. Not only will it cause a lot less eye watering (tweezers sting!), but users are saying this trimmer is actually the best one they've ever used. The stainless steel curbed blades will resist rust, and because it runs on one AA battery, it's super easy to power up, go, and keep those hairs out of sight — and out of mind.

An Argan Oil Foot Glove That Actually Hydrates Feet

Spa Relaxus Almond Oil Foot Mask, $10, Amazon

This almond oil foot mask might look like the most bizarre thing ever, but think about it: You spend all that time moisturizing your face and body, what about your feet? Return cracked, dried out heels and toes to their former glory with nourishing natural almond oil, which has been scientifically proven to combat the effects of UV rays. (If you're a sandal wearer, stock up on these toe savers before it's time to trade in the boots.)

A Plush Waterproof Pillow For Luxe Beauty Baths

IdeaWorks Home Spa Pillow, $25, Amazon

This waterproof plush pillow will convert your tub or pool bench into the relaxing spa day you always knew it could be. Genius suction cups stick this cushion wherever you want it, so it won't slide around the second you move. Its constructed with open-air fiber technology, too, which means water can flow through it without causing mold or mildew. One user, who grappled with an uncomfortable bathtub edge, said this pillow transformed her bathing experience. She said "I was desperately seeking an inexpensive way to turn this hellish bathtub into somewhere I could go to escape. This pillow definitely accomplished its job!"

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