Kanye West Has To Get His Own Snapchat Account

Ever since Kim Kardashian joined Snapchat, she's been blessing her fans with snap after snap, sharing behind-the-scenes snippets from every day events like work outs and trips to the park with her children, to glamorous awards shows and photo shoots. Pretty much her entire family has joined the Snapchat bandwagon, even her daughter, North (not with her own account, of course), who was initially very skeptical of the photo and video-sharing app. Now that North is a bonafide Snapchat superstar, I wondered if proud papa Kanye West had his own Snapchat account. I mean, with his love of... erm, expressing himself on Twitter, it would only make sense for West to share his artistic vibes with the world via Snapchat, right?

Sadly, as of right now, West is not on Snapchat... at least not publicly, which leads me to believe he hasn't joined yet. (Does West do any thing quietly? Exactly.) Still, I feel like it's only a matter of time before he jumps on the bandwagon, especially since several members of his famous family were slow to join, too. Just because West doesn't have his own account doesn't mean he's a complete stranger to the app, though. Here are some of his best moments on Snapchat.

Meeting Baby Luna

West and Kardashian have their hands full with North and their own new baby, Saint West, but the two recently found time to meet longtime pals John Legend and Chrissy Teigen and their new baby, Luna. West was so adorable with the little one.

Catching Some Z's

Kardashian recently caught her husband sleeping on a bench during a park outing, unbeknownst to him as he caught up on some rest. Hey, the rapper-turned-fashion mogul has a busy life.

Selfies With Friends

OK, so West looks less-than-pleased to be in this photo, but I'm sure he's smiling on the inside... right?

Sexy Date Nights

I mean, my most exciting date night plans involve The Cheesecake Factory, so I can't imagine a world where I went to the Met Gala in full couture, but it's just another night out for these two.

Making Workouts Fun

Working out is generally pretty awful, but Yeezy does it, too. At least it seems the pair have fun while they get their fitness on.

Fashion Moments

This is the Kardashian-West family, so there's naturally a fair amount of high fashion involved.

And Of Course, Music

West is, first and foremost, a musician, so his love of music is readily apparent whether he's in the studio or enjoying a Justin Bieber concert.

So even though 'Ye isn't on Snapchat via his own account, he's made plenty of awesome appearances on the app. But he really should get his own handle. The world truly needs to see Kanye West face swaps and alien face selfies.