Fifth Harmony Loves Snapchat

The best way to keep in touch with celebrities these days seems to be my previously most-feared social media platform: Snapchat. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have all sort of taken a back seat to the general public's bewilderment over the options of whimsical filters and face swaps. And, apparently, celebrities are no different. They, too, have become bewitched by Snapchat, especially the ladies of Fifth Harmony. So, what are Fifth Harmony's Snapchat names so you can follow them accordingly?

Firstly, aren't you so glad I did this painstaking work for you? It's a tough job rounding up all the girls' names especially when none of them go by their real names on the app. *Sighs* I suppose if they did that'd be boring, and this group is way too unique to use their given names. On the bright side, though, the collective Fifth Harmony Snapchat account for the band is simply, "fifthharmony." At least that is easy enough to remember.

But back to the girls and their individual Snapchat accounts. You'll be glad to know that all five of them are on Snapchat, ready to serve up puppy faced selfies at a moment's notice. Get your phones in hand, open up your Snapchat app, and click on, "Add friends," here goes nothing. Are your typing fingers ready?

Back in 2014, Normani Kordei Hamilton tweeted to her Twitter followers to convert to Snapchat part-time and follow her there as, "moniloves31."

Following suit, in 2016 Camila Cabello told her Twitter followers that she could be found on Snapchat under the name, "camilanaps."

As for the rest of the band, Ally Brooke's fun, rhyming Snapchat name is, "itsmeallyb." Keeping things more low key, Band member Lauren Jaregui's name is, "laurenjauregui1." And, last but certainly not least, Dinah Jane Hansen's Snapchat moniker is, "dinahdime." So, there you have it, Harmonizers. *Dusts off hands* you're welcome, friends.

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